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10 Best Games Like Wizard 101 You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Wizard 101 - 10 Best Games Like Wizard 101 You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Wizard 101

The world is an imaginary space in the game consisting of several types of places. you cannot enter these mysterious places without permission.

To obtain access you have to use in-game money or purchase the membership of the game. You can master several types of skills but for that, you have to select a school to enroll.

You can master ice, fire, water, death and much more. Each of these lets you experience a specific set of strength and power that you can use in your own style.

You get to obtain specific kinds of spells with the help of pips. You are in a match with the opponent team in the match.

The spells you cast against the opponent can be used to defeat your match enemy and improve your team member’s health condition.

You can help your friend recover from the damage received by the enemy. Now recovering health is most important here because if your health goes to zero you lose immediately.

If a gamer’s health has been reduced to zero it can be healed by the help of other teammates. But if all the team loses health you lose the match and the other team wins.

Top 10 Best Games Like Wizard 101 List

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

This game lets you enjoy social life as well. The game is basically designed for the entertainment of younger youth or teenagers.

The characters are designed to attach the mindset, humor, interests of teenagers. You can see so many marvel heroes.

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You can become one of them and play the game in that role that you chose. You have complete liberty to roam around in the area and explore the land as much as you want.

You can play the game using a mouse or a keyboard. You have to fight efficiently against the enemy.


The game is the best choice for those who want to try something new that is similar to wizard 101.the character is so lovable that it’s hard to ignore them.

The best thing is you are not required to download and install the game. You can simply play it in the web browser. The game has been designed keeping in view the interests of young kids.

The game provides an excellent experience of action and quest. The game is played on an island where you have to survive.

Villagers and Heroes

The game has an interesting and deep narrative. The gameplay is also appealing. You have so much freedom to see the area from your own perspective you can wander anywhere.

There will be many opponents trying to attack you. You should be skilled enough to save yourself. If you defeat your enemies you will be rewarded.

You can also turn them in make then your prisoners. You can keep then make use of them when needed. There are other activities like crafting, construction and much more.


The game consists of scenarios where you have to defend yourself against the enemy. Your chosen character possesses some basic fighting skills. But you can also unlock new ones if you perform well in the initial matches.

There are many types of matches. You have the freedom to use arms, rings, gloves, legs and much more.

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The concept of the game is based on heroes and villains. You play as a good person who tries to fight the bad ones to save people from bad influence. For that, you have to head to several journeys.

Amazing World of Gumball

The target audience for this is the teenage group or young age kids. You get the opportunity to get yourself expose to your big fears that are hanging out with people you never met before.

Not just talk to them you can also become good friends and game partners. It would help you overcome your fear of talking to strangers and aid you to learn the skills required to make new friends.

The graphics and visuals have good quality. The character design is too god and too experimental.

Puzzle Pirates

The game is specially targeted for youth or teenagers. It was released to the public in year 2003.there are items relating to pirates.

You have the option to play using your web browser or download it on your system. There are a wide variety of avatars you can choose any one of them.

You can also socialize and make new friends. The characters you choose would look so lovely when they wear their little pirate uniform. You can also play some other mini-games to win rewards.

Spiral Knights

The game is so similar to wizard 101.this game is so unique and interesting that it would become impossible to ignore it.

There is the latest intellect, technology, types of equipment and future based items. You get to receive some story narrative demonstration and a little training before jumping into the game.

The player you chose is a knight who is supposed to battle against the enemy. There is action, adventure, social party’s dark dungeons and much more.

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You come accords a variety of enemies and horrible monsters.

Elsword Online

The only difference in wizard 101 and elsword online is that it is in a Korean mode. The gameplay is good and the combination of action, narrative, and quest keeps the user intrigued.

This game makes sure to prove the player with outstanding gameplay, graphics, visuals and much more. The main characters have a job to find out the mysterious stone named EL.

this mission puts you on an adventitious journey where you come across many creatures and enemies. You have to collect other stuff as well and sell it to arrange some money.

Drake Sang Online

The game same as wizard 101 in gameplay. The game is based on several kinds of surprises. When you start a game you are not told already what you will be presented with.

There are several modes to play including multiplayer modes which let you share your fun time with your friends or other online players as well.

The game is based in another time period that is middle ages. The historical touch makes it even more interesting. You have the liberty to choose your proffered class that has its specific strengths and skills.

Free Realms

First of all, you are supposed to create your own character based on your avatar. Then you are taken into a place that happens to be your universe.

The game offers you another life in another world but the only difference is it is in digital form. You can choose your own friends, living space, your food and much more.

You can live a peaceful life just like you once imagined in your dreams. But it is going to be a virtual life of your character.

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