30 The Witcher 3 Best MODs To Enhance Your GamePlay

Witcher 3 MODs, the third sequel to the Witcher saga is an RPG game. It was developed by CD Projekt RED, it was set to release in late 2014 but due to some reasons, it’s release was delayed till 2015. It is based on the storyline of the action novels by Konrad Tomaszkiewicz. Collectively the first two parts were released in 2007 and 2011. However, Witcher 3 made a profit of 63.3 million in the first half of 2015 selling more than 20 million copies.

Best Witcher 3 MODs

The gameplay is set in open-world environments based on a third-person perspective having a variety of weapons including bombs, crossbows, swords, etc. It features a fantasy universe full of meaningful choices. It includes 8 fictional characters Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Emhyr var Emreis, Dandelion, Zoltan Chivay, Emiel Regis upon which all the story is based, unlike others which play common roles in the storyline.

However, focusing on the main characters there are two characters that play the main role in the story Geralt of Rivia and Ciri. Geralt is basically a witcher who received its training from Kaer Morhen. Kaer Morhen is basically the stronghold of Wolf School Witchers. Unlike Geralt of Rivia, he doesn’t come from Rivia although he learned to cope with a Vivian accent to render his services to the queen of Rivia.

Ciri also is known as” Child of Destiny” is an apprentice to Geralt when she is younger. She received her training in magical abilities making her the most dangerous person in the world. .Its platforms are PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. However, most sales of Witcher 3 were made in ps4 as compared to other platforms due to an immense number of users of ps4 as compared to all other platforms.

The Best MODs For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The purpose of the mod in gaming is to actually modify the game for a better gaming experience. However mods can be of different types depending on the user experience like mods can be about graphics, gameplay or to create custom levels depending on the demand of the user or which type of feature is needed for that particular gameplay.

In order to advance the gameplay experience of the user games can be modified (modded) in short because players demand different modifications such as graphics, bug fixes, crash fixes, character mods, etc depending on their demand. However, creating a mod is similar to DLC except players change the game to their own interests.

However referring to the perspective of witcher 3, players have created a lot of great witcher mods regarding their own interests. Unlike console players, PC players can make modifications to witcher 3 regarding their own interests or public demand.

Best MOD Utilities For Witcher 3 Gameplay

Debug Console Manager

Debug Console Manager is suitable for that player who is thinking about a lot of modifications to be made to the game, however, this manager is ideal for that player providing all the facilities needed. It allows the user to change the internal state of the program serving as the purpose of debugging. However, this mod unlocks the debug console so that the user can simply make changes to the program at will as required. For example spawning enemies, teleporting at desired locations, extra damage, unlimited ammunition, etc.

Nexus Mod Manager/Vortex Mod Manager

The Nexus mod manager, open-source software that allows the user to download, install, update or remove your programs with an easy management system regardless of the barriers or difficulties. However, it provides a quicker experience as compared to other managers. Therefore from the perspective of games, it provides us with the management facility for mods like enabling, disabling or simply managing the mods for your computer game. However, in nexus mod manager users faced many technical difficulties, as a result, it was replaced by Vortex Mod Manager fixing all those previously faced problems by the users. In Vortex, there was an additional feature that provided information about the warnings about conflicts and load orders. Therefore incompatible mods could work easily suggesting the users download the other mod before the incompatible mod.

Mod Merger

If you want to install more mods than the capacity then the mod manager can help you. Unlike all the managers the mod merger helps the user to install more mods than the game allows. It literally takes 12-15 minutes but it combined all the compatible mods into a single bundle.

However, instead of installing all the mods one by one and the computer game not allowing you to install more mods than the game capacity, it helps you to merge all the mods and install one enormous mod saving all your time not more than 15-20 minutes. However there are a few precautions for a mod merger, you have to be careful while selecting your desired mods, only select those mods to merge which perfectly work together. Otherwise, you’ll only end up selecting and merging your desired mods again and again. Therefore it avoids the infamous ‘mod limit’.

Best Travel MODs For Witcher 3

Fast Travel From Anywhere MOD

This mod allows the user to teleport to the particular location magically whenever he likes, unlike traveling from location to location which can be a bit of a boring experience followed by a lot of wastage of time. It makes fulfilling objectives very easier as compared to other mods. Therefore while playing using this mod the user doesn’t need to find a faster travel route as he can easily teleport to his desired location. Hence this mod is luckily a time savor.

All Quest Objectives On Map MOD

This mod enables all the locations for quest objectives, merchants and also stack locations. However, as it can be pretty much annoying to find any of the following followed with wastage of time so it makes it easier for the user to find his desired locations, unlike the original gameplay. Therefore the experience of the user also changes during the gameplay. However, if the user thinks that the locations are pretty much than his expectations then he can easily turn off the unnecessary locations at will as required.

Additional Stash Locations MOD

In the original gameplay the stash is only accessible from fewer locations around the world, therefore using this mod it features eight additional stash locations and also relocates the ones which originally exist in the game. However, the stashes feature newer items making them easily available.

Preparations MOD

This mod features some of the gameplay of the older parts. Talking about the previous parts Geralt which is the main character had an early morning routine, he meditates, also does some other chores and then sharpens his silver sword. However, this mod adds the following routine to the game creating an enhanced experience for the players. However, players need to meditate to spend points in their skill tree. Therefore along this mod eating and drinking isn’t allowed with this mod.

Friendly Meditation MOD

In friendly meditation mod, users will experience a different menu, unlike the originally old menu. The Hud will be falling away and you will get a nicer view of the sky as the clouds will be falling apart and it will seem more like a cloudy day. However, while vanilla meditation users will get all the benefits of potion refilling. However for this mod to work make sure that you have the unification patch for this mod.

Friendly HUD MOD

This mod features a little more beauty to the original map and textures. It makes the HUD disappear and only displays it when needed. In this mod at will if you want to see the map then just simply activate your witcher sense. However, HUD elements can easily be toggled on or off without having to open your menu. As witcher 3 UI is a bit hesitating and if players turn its parts on or off it can make the game a lot more difficult than expected so this mod helps a lot.

Disable Storybook Videos MOD

Generally in a lot of RPG or open-world games while playing story mode there are many scenarios during a quest where you cant skip the videos within the story, pressing any key however this mod facilitates the users by pressing a button of your choice or the required button you can easily skip the videos within the missions that can be a bit agitating at times. However, this mod is helpful providing this purpose in the following way, as the name suggests.

Best Combat MODs For Witcher 3

Critical Slow Motion Combat MOD

Considering the original gameplay users used to complain about the lack of effects in combat mode. This mod features cinematic effects while in combat mode For example when Geralt is laying a 3 hit combo on the enemy at the last hit it slows down while the enemy lays down to the ground. Gamers should try installing this mod with More  Blood mod for better gameplay experience.

Auto Apply Oils MOD

However, in this role-playing game, you need to create specific oils, for creating specific oils you need to find the correct mixture for the creation of the specific oil which takes a lot of time and is also a lot tiring, therefore the purpose of this mod is to automatically find the perfect mixture to create the specific oil and is also collectively a time savor.

Auto Loot MOD

However, while making a loot you have to be selective about the things you pick. First of all, you think about the items you need then check your bag capacity then press E for picking up. This mod features an auto-loot feature by just tapping E, Geralt(the user) will automatically pick up all the items regardless of the need of the user. Therefore it makes it a lot easier for the user to pick up items of his need regardless of need and capacity, collectively a time savor.


This mod was officially designed by the team of the developers who developed Witcher 3, providing an enhanced version for gameplay experience. However, it fixed a lot of errors that the users were facing while playing Witcher: Wild Hunt. Therefore Full Combat Rebalance mod features world and immersion changes. Hence this mod focuses on bug fixing, also the abilities that make Geralt immortal and also removing challenges from the game.

E3 Dodge System MOD

It is basically an advanced combat mode. In the player’s movement, there is a modification in the footwork. The main purpose of this mod is to bring most of the E3 combat modifications. However, it enhances the movement of the user. It changes many controls like vanilla forward dodge, vanilla backward dodge, forward roll, backward roll, etc depending on the particular combat

Over 9000 Weight MOD

This mod particularly focuses on the storage and carrying capacity of Geralt. It has a situational bonus in many sorts. Now while using this mod the player doesn’t need to worry about how much weight can Geralt carry alongside two swords. Now after this mod Geralt can carry unlimited weight. Because over 9000 weight is more like unlimited weight according to the gamer’s point of view.

Gwent Redone MOD

This mod features a big secret weapon Gwent. It is probably the biggest secret weapon easily available via this mod. Unlike all the other smaller weapons and finding the deadliest possible weapon difficulty rather than making it easily available via this mod.

Enemies of Rivia MOD

The special thing about this mod is that if you level up Geralt his enemies also become powerful using different methods and techniques. Hence enemies will use different combos and attack patterns which will provide a tough time to the player as he will be alert at all times. In other words, you can imagine playing an action, role-playing game in hard mode.

Best Graphics MODs For Witcher 3

Absolute Camera MOD

This mod allows the user to set camera locations at various places. Like the camera, a position can be set if Gerald is running, moving or in combat mode. However, it focuses on the angles in the perspective of the cinematic approach. However, you can have the camera of your choice unlike the original gameplay while in combat, movement mode, etc’ depending on your own choice.

Photo Mode MOD

This mod features on the weather and time of that particular day which can be changed at will as required depending on the demand of the user such that which time of the day is demanded by the user. It is suitable for that user who demands a time and weather changing system. It also allows you to freeze the game at will and take a picture from your angle which can be of any type.

Realistic Weather MOD

This mod is basically related to weather. Using this mod, unlike the original gameplay you can simply change the weather conditions to foggy, misty, sunny depending on your own choice using the right console commands.

Fantasy Graphics MOD

This mod features an addition to the fantasy world already featured in the game adding other features like adding lightning to the game and removing bluish tint from many angles during the gameplay.

No Dirty Lenses MOD

This mod as the name suggests removes some dirt from the filthy areas of the game because you can’t do any good photography with a dirty lens. But you’ll still get water on your screen while you spill something on the camera.

Increased Draw Distance MOD

This mod focuses on the draw distance as it can be set at will as required as long as the ring of the user handles it. It removes the default draw distance.

Best Witcher 3 Gameplay MODs

The gameplay mods in any game are meant to enhance the gameplay experience of the user as the name suggests. In the perspective of witcher 3, there are many gameplay mods but the best ones are listed below

Gwent Redone MOD

This mod features a big secret weapon Gwent. It is probably the biggest secret weapon easily available via this mod. Unlike all the other smaller weapons and finding the deadliest possible weapon difficulty rather than making it easily available via this mod.

Indestructible Items MOD

However, while battling enemies the weapons and armor also get damaged while gameplay. This mod features zero damage to weapons and armor while battling enemies which makes the gameplay easier as compared to original form.

Immersive HUD MOD

This mod features a little more beauty to the original map and textures. It makes the HUD disappear and only displays it when needed. In this mod at will if you want to see the map then just simply activate your witcher sense.

Weight Limit Loot MOD

However, while making a loot in an RPG game there is a specific weight limit and this mod removes the weight limit making it easier to pick up each and everything without the limit of any capacity.

Auto Loot MOD

However, while making a loot you have to be selective about the things you pick. This mod features an auto-loot feature by just tapping E Geralt(the user) will automatically pick up all the items regardless of the need of the user.

Wealthy Vendors MOD

Originally vendors don’t have enough cash to pay to the player in exchange for an article. However, this mod focuses on vendors making them wealthy as they pay you your demanded cash at will as required. Hence players get a fairer price for his items.

How To Install Witcher 3 MODs

How To Install Witcher 3 MODs

In order to create your own mod it has become easy to make your own mod, thanks to the developers which have provided us with special tools like Official mod kit samples, Debug Consoles, Witcher Mod manager, Hunter’s Config, etc providing the users with the platform, a software to create their own mod.

In order to install a MOD, the instructions are quite simple. However, don’t create your own methods while installing just follow the instructions provided by the modder(a person who creates a mod). Therefore there are simple as well as basic steps to install a mod.

First of all download the zip file from the site provided by the modder. Then just simply unpack the mod file into the mod folder in your witcher 3 directory. If you have the game installed in steam then check your steam folder for that particular folder.


According to the gaming community The Witcher saga perspectively Witcher 3 is declared as the best selling game of the year 2015-2016 declaring it to be having the best gameplay providing a better experience than many other games of the following era. However, there are a lot of emotional dialogues and a lot of dramatic moments along with the game. The visuals in witcher 3 are astonishingly making it feel as if you are in a completely different world probably the best visuals I would say. However, I would say that the majority of gamers are satisfied with the gameplay making it the best selling game of the era. Causes of complaints are spectacularly few which depicts the best gameplay of the era along with the storyline.

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