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10 Best Games Like Rim World You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Rim World - 10 Best Games Like Rim World You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Rim World

The game keeps changing at each step as you proceed to the next levels. The story consists of a wide range of scenarios.

The characters, events are always different than the previous one. The plot consists of you being in charge of the city.

Your main duty is to keep your citizens safe and protect them in an environment where they can get access to opportunities to protect themselves.

For this, you hire several people to train them to perform their specific duties. Basically, there are main three characters that are stuck on a planet in outer space.

There you cannot travel a lot and commune with other of your members is not so easy. As time passes by several other people also join these people to devise a way out of that planet. In this way, little by little a community starts to emerge.

The community takes the shape of a colony ruled by you and your followers. Some people join you with their own choice some you force to join.

The main gameplay is that you have to everything you can do for your colony to stay safe and unharmed.

You have to keep in kind several climatic conditions in the outer space that require special treatments for humans to survive there.

Top 10 Best Games Like Rim World List

Prison Architect

In this game, you will be designing jails and prisons. You have to keep in mind all the important factors that are most important for a prison.

You have to see if there is enough security to keep the prisoners from running away. But it is not that easy because all the prisoners always try to escape .only police force is not enough to keep them contained.

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The architecture should be designed in a way to make escape too difficult that it discourages the will to even try. You also have to prove basic needs to the prisoners.

Planet Base

This game is so similar to the rim world because it is also set in outer space. You have to design and organize an inhabitable environment on the stars and planets.

You have to devise ways for humans to be able to settle on planets contradicting the earth’s environment. You do it with the help of your team called settlers.

There are three planets for you to develop. Each planet is unique in its climate, environment, in habitability, geography. You will also have artificial intelligence to aid you.

Space Base DF-9

Same like the rim world the game depicts a world of outer space and makes you design an environment suitable to let human life flourish.

You have to design efficiently working space stations to be able to contact other species. It does not restrict you to manage, organize and construct spaces but it also provides you an amazing adventure, action, quest experience in the space.

You will come across aliens, meteors, an asteroid about to hit you and much more.

Dungeon Keeper

You get to play the role of a righteous hero who wants to make things right for his people. you will try to find corruption and criminals. You have to acquire a piece of land and mark it as your territories. You will have to come across many monsters and complete several missions to succeed. You are supposed to organize your dungeons in an efficient manner. If the piece of land starts turning dark it means something bad is happening there and you have to fight it.

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They are Billions

This game consists of an era where the human population became extinct being a victim to a deadly virus. Somehow a little population managed to survive.

Now they need to come up with something that ensures their lives and safety, it is going to be a very difficult job.

You have to design an efficiently working colony for these people so that they could protect themselves from zombies. You also have to keep a track of justified access to resources for everyone.

The attacks can get severe so you too have to keep improving your management and design.


In a tragic atmosphere on the planet, there is a little number of people who managed to survive. Now they are homeless and vulnerable.

Your job is to design their shelters catering to their need according to the current situation that the world is facing. You have to design a homely environment meeting their physical, emotional and mental needs.

You have to manage the population and resources. They will need medical facilities, eateries, kitchens, residence, work areas, security, the mechanisms to meet climatic conditions and much more.

Surviving Mars

So now that humans are done destroying the earth for their personal benefits it no more fit to spend your life.

The planets have become inhabitable for humans and they are in a dire need to escape and find a new planet to destroy in the coming years.

They move to mars and start developing cities and colonies. Your job is to make inhabitable for the human bodies considering Mars’s conflicting geography and climate from the earth.

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You need to design a city infrastructure that complies with Mars’s conditions which are going to be so distinct from earth.

Life in Bunker

If you are a fan of games related to construction, management, and building then this one is the best. Now it consists of a specific group of people who live underground and you are there in charge.

You have to design an efficient city or a colony for them according to their specific needs. You have to make sure of the justified management of resources.

You also have to take care of them when they get sick, face a natural disaster or dangerous creatures.

14 Evil Genius

This game requires smart, strategic skills from you. It is a simulation game designed by elixir studios. The game provides so many opportunities to explore the depths of the story and require some exceptional decision-making skills for the players.

You have secret minions who you use to complete several missions. You have your team member’s evil geniuses who you raise to help you in future missions.

You have to unlock new space for them to live in. These rooms are also required if you want to conduct experiments or do some research projects.


This is a very simple game where you are supposed to grow the field and harvest them to meet your needs. Instead of building a city you will be managing a rural area.

Here you can manage the climate, natural disasters. You have so many resources all around you to be self-sufficient instead of importing stuff from other areas and save unnecessary expenditures.

You can improve your towns’ financial condition of you make use of smart choices in terms of resource management.

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