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10 Fantastic Sites to Read Free Comics Online

Comics is an idea or narrative which is expressed in the form of a series of images. Sometimes images are combined with text to express the opinion. So read comics online from sites given bellow.

read comics online - 10 Fantastic Sites to Read Free Comics Online

Can I read comics online?

There are different types of comic books which include

  1. Esoteric
  2. Manga
  3. Superhero
  4. Science Fiction
  5. Fantasy
  6. Action
  7. Humor
  8. Horror
  9. Romance
  10. Children’s

Do you love reading comic books? Do you not want to buy comic books? Well, if your answer is Yes, then you are in the right place. We will be sharing a list of popular websites where you can read your favorite comics books free of cost.

List of Best Free Comic Books Websites

Let us share the list of best comic book websites to read for free. Are you feeling excited? Should we share with you the list of best comic book sites before going in detail? It would help if you didn’t wait anymore.

List of best free comic books websites include

  1. Marvel
  2. DC Kids
  3. ComiXology
  4. Comic Book Plus
  5. DriveThru Comics
  6. Digital Comic Museum
  7. Comic Blitz
  8. Newsarama
  9. ElfQuest
  10. Internet Archive

Now, we will discuss each one in detail.


Marvel offers over 20,000 comic books for its readers. It is the best platform to read comic books.

Some of the most popular comic books among readers include

  1. The Avengers
  2. Wolverine
  3. Thor
  4. Iron Man
  5. Spiderman
  6. Dead Pool
  7. Captain America
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Above are the most famous superhero comic books. There are thousands of comic books that may interest you.

Marvel is available on multiple platforms where you can enjoy reading.

The platform where Marvel is accessible includes

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Computer

You can save up to 12 comic books on your device for reading later.

You can enjoy reading for free, but if you unlimited books, then you can subscribe Marvel Unlimited subscription for $9.99 per month. A yearly subscription is for $69 if you get annual subscription then you will be saving almost $4 per month.

DC Kids

DC Kids provides tons of comic books, especially for kids and young audiences.

Famous Comic books by DC Kids include

  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Wonder Woman

DC Kids comic books are great to read, and kids enjoy reading these books. These books are more than a treat to read, but the problem is that it does not offer a massive comic book collection. You can enjoy reading these comic books for free.


ComiXology is also one of the leading platforms for reading comic books.

You can read different books on ComiXology which include

  1. Manga
  2. Graphic Novels
  3. Indie

You can read hundreds of comic books for free. You can register a free account, but for getting unlimited access, you need to subscribe to ComiXology. It costs $5.99 per month and can read 10,000 comics, manga, and graphic novels.

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus offers all their comic books for free to their readers. It also provides the feature to download comic books.

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Comic Book Plus the massive selection includes

  1. Comics
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Comic Strips

There is also a section of non-English books for their readers on their website.

DriveThru Comics

DriveThru offers many comic books from different publishers and creators. Indie is one of the famous publishers, and they offer free comic books.

They also sell comics books which include

  1. Digital Comic Books
  2. Print-On-Demand
  3. Fiction
  4. Roleplaying Games

Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum website offers comic books to its readers for downloading for free. All you have to do is to create your account and start downloading all of your favorite comic books for free. You can also read comics on their site by clicking on the preview button.

You can find all golden age comics, humor comics, and TV spin-offs on their website, all for free.

Comic Blitz

Comic Blitz has a lot of non-mainstream distributers, and even though it doesn’t have any Marvel, Image Comics, or DC, it compensates for it in extraordinary outside the box comics like Valiant, Valiant Classic, Dynamite, Zen scope, and IDW.

They offer two membership plans.

  1. Free
  2. Paid

You can access all the website, iOS, and desktop features with free membership and can peruse their free issues, or you could buy into their unlimited membership plan for $7.99/month and read as much as you need, any place you need.


You can discover far beyond free comic books and comics on Newsarama. Newsarama is the platform where science fiction fans and comic book fans can peruse the most recent news, examine hypotheses and theories, and discussion about their preferred comic books, games, characters, films thus significantly more.

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ElfQuest has more than 20 million comic books, and graphic novels are one of the longest-running free realistic novel arrangements in the States.

They have a free online chronicle of more than seven thousand vintage stories and art. You can even request their books or tune in to their digital broadcast, which is all accessible on their site.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-benefit digital library that gives access to multiple things which include

  1. Books
  2. Videos
  3. Images
  4. Audio Recordings
  5. Software Programs

Among the 11 million books that they offer, you can likewise locate a superior choice of digital comic books.

The best news is that it’s everything is without any cost. You can make a free record and search for your preferred comic books, or even transfer media of your own.

Can you read comics online for free?

We hope you enjoy reading our article and was helpful to you. We have shared a list of 10 most popular and useful websites to read and download comic books online for free.

Is reading comics online illegal?

For some of the websites, you need to subscribe to paid subscriptions for getting unlimited access. But, most of the famous and exciting comic books are free on these websites, which are reading worthwhile. Enjoy more Comics at 10GamesLike.


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