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Top 15 Places to Sell Books Online Locally in 2020

Do you want to sell textbooks online? Here are 15 best places to sell books of any kind online to and get decent money in return.

Places to Sell Books Online - Top 15 Places to Sell Books Online Locally in 2020

Do you have textbooks novels etc at home that you’ve already read or they are not in anyone use anymore? If that is the case then you can easily make some extra cash from these books. Its time to get rid of the books which have occupied useful space on your shelves and earn some money at the same time.

This is not as difficult as some people make it. This article will guide you about some of the best online platforms where you can sell your books. On top of this, many items and books can be sold without access to the internet with the help of these places. The following are some of the best places that can be used to make some extra cash if you have spare or unused books.

15 Places to Sell Books Online


On Bookscouter you can compare prices from 38 book vendors at once which allows you to determine the best price for your book. For the starters, one has to enter the ISBN which is present in the book. Then the highest buyback price from vendors has to be chosen. Shipping is free.

After the book is received, Bookscouter posts your payment. Give BookScouter a try, it might turn out to be the best bookselling platform for you.


By using Declutter, one can sell a wide range of items including books, DVDs, video games, furniture, etc. Here the items will be priced as a collection. Free shipment is available.

The seller will get paid on the same day as to when the items arrive at Declutter warehouse. You can get rid of extra books and make money at the same time as your home by using this platform.


Your books can be sold directly without the involvement of any middleman at BooksRun, different offers are also available otherwise. ISBN of the books must be entered into the website box for a book to be sold. It lets you know that either you can use other offers or weather your book/books can be sold directly

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After the selection of the buyer, the book must be shipped within 5 days using the shipping label that will be received on the email. The payment will be made within 4 days of the book’s assessment. The payment option can be selected between Paypal and check


TextbookRush allows you to sell a wide range of items including textbooks, DVDs, games, etc. More than one million books are placed into categories so it is easier for the seller to sale a book again through this site

Free shipping is available and the items can also be sold using a mobile app. Payment will be made through cash, Paypal or store credit.


The establishment of this platform was done in 1997. Since its opening, Bookfinder has been successful in gaining many positive reviews from various publications such as Forbes.

Books are also bought from Canada and UK by this platform. The overall process of selling is similar to that of BookScouter where the ISBN of the book is required to get started. From that point, price comparisons will be made from websites of various book vendors.


Graphing calculators and textbooks, both can be sold online using this website. Once the listing is done, free shipping is sent within the US using FedEx or postal service by the platform. Paypal and check are the payment sources on this website.

Chegg Books

As most books are accepted here, it is easy to sell the textbooks here on CheggBooks. Accepted books are sold or even rented to the upcoming students using Chegg. Since one is required to drop the book/books at a UPS Store, the sale might only be made using it. Free shipping must be offered and the payment is received within 10 to 15 days from the day of shipment.

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Nearly all books can be sold on CampusBooks with the exception of those which are missing vital material information. The right buyback vendor is found by comparing the prices on this website.

It is recommended that the books should be sold in the month of January or August, as the highest values for the books are offered in these months because of the high demand. Free shipping must be provided by the seller and the payment will be made via Paypal store credit or check.


New or used, all books can be sold on Amazon which then is rented to the reads by the site. 80% of the sold price will be given to the seller. Two options are provided here for selling the books. The first one is a trade in which will allow the seller to sell the book as the third part of he/she is not pleased with the platform.

Payments can also be made via Amazon gift card if not through cash. A higher price might be achieved when books are sold directly by one other than accepting the buyback textbook site offered rate. Free shipping must be given for the sales made.


This platform allows individuals to sell old books that do not have an ISBN or international addition. Books are directly bought by the website from the seller. Free shipment is also given via FedEx


Listing as a TextbookX seller is a must for anyone who wishes to sell textbooks using this site. Payment will be made when someone buys the book. 16.5% of the selling price will be deducted as commission. A small shipping credit is given as a way to offset the shipping cost. Payment can be made by store credit or PayPal. A 5% bonus can be earned by using a store credit.


On this website, only those books can be sold which are in good condition. A book listing must be made using ISBN in order to get started. Payment is done by Paypal or check. More than 440,000 book titles from mostly small textbook vendors are currently accepted here.

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As a textbook legend, this was established in 1990. Any book that is kept with care can be easily sold here. If the book is legit, the ones with a little wear and tear are also accepted.

If the books are worn out and one is unable to sell them on any other website, this can be the ideal site. Payments are done through check, cash or Paypal.

Textbook Recycling

Instructors’ additions are taken here. Only instructors and student textbooks are bought here if ISBN is available in the database. Without the listing of the ISBN, the book won’t be bought. Free shipping is provided within the US. Paypal or check is the source of all payments here. This site has been existing since 1997 and has branches in Moscow and Idaho.

Sell Back Your Books

With no involvement of any middlemen, the books are bought directly on this platform. Books can be listed quickly using the mobile app. Books without ISBN are not accepted here

Shipping is carried out through USPS media mail or FexEx ground. Payment is carried out via Paypal or check.


Other than going to book stores for selling your books, these websites might be the best choice for you when it comes to selling your used or free books. Some websites might offer you more money as compared to the others, thus it’s up to you to choose the best website to sell your books from the above.

These sites aid in making sure that you get the most money out of selling your books. Giving these websites a try might make help you in selling without the involvment of another person or any other website. At times you can make more on these sites than your nearby book stores. Good Luck!

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