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10 Best Games Like XCOM You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like XCOM - 10 Best Games Like XCOM You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of XCOM

The game was originally released in the year 1999. The game is based on science fiction action where the earth ha bee occupied by alien creatures. Many developers have taken inspiration from xcom.

In the plot, the player has to protect his people. He is on a hidden mission to do some research on the creature and fight against them. The game gains much popularity due to its strong gameplay.

In other versions, excitement is taken to another level by adding missions that need to be completed underwater.

The narrative is totally derived from the presently popular fear of alien invasion among people that adds more interest in the game. As we start the game we see the tales of alien spaceship sightings have managed to get much attention in the world.

For this reason, the fear of them taking over our planet also increases. The state officials and space experts decide to come up with a bunch of specialists and hand over the responsibility to them.

you play the game two different types of views. One of which is on a macro scale of the earth which helps to have an overall sight of the planet while navigating your route. You have the option to manage your resources and types of equipment here.

Top 10 Best Games Like XCOM List


This game is also the same as xcom as it is also based on science fiction and encounters with alien viruses. the game depicts an era of the future.

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Here the polar caps have melted in the year 2022 due to which there has been a virus discovered by scientists and doctors that is unknown to them.

It starts bringing havoc in the city and in the underwater world. The fish and sea creatures start getting infected. There is no known cure to the deadly virus. You have to fight it in an era when the human race is about to get wiped out.


Now the scenario presented here is the post-apocalypse. The human race that somehow managed to survive has been affected by deadly radiation.

Due to which they have converted into mysterious animals. The ones who stayed inside a protected settlement now survive inside of an ark. Your job would be to go to the outside infected world for a research mission. You will have to explore the land, atmosphere.

To set on the journey safely you have to choose your routes smartly navigated. You will come in access to several kinds of enemies.


There is a bunch of people called beholders who are responsible for creating mysterious conspiracy upsetting the peace of the world and increasing tension for the authorities.

It is a time of cold war among states. Your job is to find out about the ones responsible for it, find means to stop them and put them behind bars.

You happen to be a CIA or Mossa agent. On the way, you can enjoy playing several mini-games. It can be very hard for some people while some might have fun on the journey.


Today we see a huge number of games based on giant technological apocalypse and robots or aliens, this one is quite different. It takes you back to the days of horse riders and commanders.

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It makes you experience the battlefield when humans fought with swords, knives, and animals. Now the wars you fight are initialed by 5 nobles.

The human race has regressed to these days after facing a huge set back in technology. You have to be a part of any noble house to serve them.


The plot consists of a scene where you being the main character are supposed to form a group of armed forces so that you could help your city.

The city is currently under the ruler of a tyrant roman queen who is depleting the citizens of their basic rights. The previous ruler of the state contacts you and appoints you to fight against her.

The queen has unjustly taken over the state. Your basic mission is to defeat the mean ruler.


The plot depicts an era of the year 1958 that takes you to a modified version of past events in a virtual form. The game is based on the alien presence and encounters with mysterious creatures.

The alien space ship starts bombarding planet earth as soon as it enters here. Therefore the authorities and space experts realize that they need a lot of help to fight these monsters.

They firm a special group to fight them. Now you are one of those with a job to take the aliens down.

UFO: After Light

The plots state a bunch of humans has been thrown out of the planet earth and set on a journey to Mars.

The game is a sequel to its earlier version and here depicts the era 50 years past the previous version’s game plot.

Before sending humans to mars the native Martian was in a state of slumber causing no harm to the humans.

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But because of this intervention, they turn aggressive toward planet earth. You can construct, organize and manage the resource on mars.


This is similar to xcom action and adventure games. It is up to you to manage the size of your combat group. You can also customize the characters as per your style and taste. You play the game in an isometric view.

you have the liberty to choose your own missions according to your level of skills and capabilities. There are certain goals for you to achieve in order to be rewarded.

You can choose what level of difficulty you want to play. You can also practice the gameplay and controls.


The game requires many levels of aggression from the players because cowardness or sneakiness won’t help much. It would only get you killed.

The gameplay is more interesting and efficient if you just rush over to the enemy to take him down. You get to have you, agents, on your team.

Later if you perform well you get more and efficient agents. Every agent has a specific set of qualities and strengths. The mission usually consists of survival or robbery.


You jump directly into the strong strategic and complex game. There is no time for you to spend so much on practicing the controls or get familiar with the gameplay; you have to get a grip on the game as fast as you can.

You are presented with many challenges and missions to be completed. The missions are very difficult so you should be fully focused during the game.

The plot consists of alien invasions and you have to smartly fight against them to save your people and planet.

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