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10 Best Games Like Warcraft You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Warcraft - 10 Best Games Like Warcraft You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Warcraft

The developers of this game are blizzard entertainment. The game consists of five core games in total. The game has many exciting features that include role-playing. You can customize your character according to your personal taste and style. You can fight against other online players including your friends. You can update your weapons. You are free to roam around exploring the land and discover new locations.

You can customize and make your own objects and unlock other exciting elements. You just have to put a little energy and time practicing the controls and try to understand the gameplay. There are some features that need actual money. But the arms and other types of equipment can be equally obtained by all the players in the game because all of them put in the same amount of practice and time into the game so they deserve equal access.

You are supposed to complete the mini-challenges. The gameplay is simple and trouble-free. You can easily get a grip on the controls. You can also connect with other players in the form of a union. Add your friends or any other player from the world and make new friends. Go on journeys with them to have some fun time.

Top 10 Best Games Like Warcraft List


The main character of the game is present in a world where there no concept of natural death. You exist for a long time because of rapid advancement in technology’s we know players face many problems when it comes to game matchmaking.

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But this game provides much ease in that area. You are able to alter the class of your character at any moment you want. This game provides you with great gameplay and adventurous science fiction experience. You get a new experience whenever you sign in.


The developers of this game are the talented blue hole studios. As we know they are the same ones who designed player unknown’s battleground commonly known as PUBG. The game is amazing providing the layer with an exciting story and beautiful graphics and visual quality.

The game has been immensely inspired by wow. But it would be unjust to say that the developers just copied the same theme. TERA provides a little different experience. It has its own unique genre. You feel like you are actually present inside the digital world.

Black Desert Online

The game managed to gain a lot of public attention. It has been amongst the most hyped games. It became incredibly in style among the gamers and in the worldwide gaming world. The game can become very addictive and hard to leave.

The developers have been constantly working on their improvement in every version. The game consists of amazing fighting techniques, interesting gameplay, and organizational features all combined together. You can get to manage your city which adds more interest.


The game lets you play in the third person mode. It lets the player have an incredible experience of MMO.van experience that makes the game addictive and hard to ignore.

The plot consists of a scenario where you are in charge of the fighters belonging to a previous era in the historical world. The gameplay provides the player with amazing action and combat experience.

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You have so many characters options to choose from. Each character possesses some unique set of skills and strengths.

Never winter

This game takes you into an imaginary world where you come across all minds of negative and positive forces. It is a world of magic and a home to several types of mysterious creatures and monsters.

The good and bad forces keep coming across causing some disturbances in the magic world. You have the liberty to roam around and discover the unique features of the game. It takes you on fantasy and adventurous journey. The game is so similar to the warcraft. If you are a fan of warcraft then it is best for you.

Elder Scrolls Online

This is one of the best games known to almost everyone. The gamers all around the world love playing it. This game has been in the market providing gamers with amazing gaming experience for several years. The developers keep improving it in newer versions.

The plot consists of you being inside of an imaginary world where you choose a faction to join. You are free to discover interesting features. It is a little different from warcraft but still worth playing. You can also play with other players online.

Guild Wars 2

This game is a little different from the warcraft but it is worth giving it a try. If you are one of those who prefer trying new games, new experience and like to explore new narratives then it is the best game for you.

There are several kinds of unique classes which you can choose from. Each type has its own specialties and provides a unique experience. You can design your character according to your personal taste and style. The graphics quality is also good.

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This game is amongst the best MMO games out in the market. You get to experience a number of unique features and get your hands on a wide range of tools and weapons. The game developers have smarty gathered all the best features of all MMO games then blend them together in the form of a single game.

So anyone who plays it becomes addicted to it. This makes the gameplay incredibly strong and interesting. You are supposed to fight smartly against your enemy during the war.

Path of Exile

The game managed to gain much attention in the market as soon it was released to the public in the year 2013.it was appreciated by a huge number of gamers all around the world.

The plot consists of the main character that is present in a dark and imaginary world. You come across a variety of strange creatures and dungeons. You set on a journey after being exiled from your land.

You are supposed to aggressively fight against the mysterious monsters to be rewarded well.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The plot consists of a problematic situation where the entire world is facing encounters with mysterious creatures of the universe. The demons have managed to take over the planet. You are the main character who is capable of smartly stealing useful stuff from the enemy.

You have to protect your planet and people by coming up with your army, make new agreements with other groups that mutually benefit each other. You have to bring peace to the world and fight smartly against the deadly monsters.

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