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20 Best Games Like The Sims You Should Play in 2020

20 Best Games Like The Sims - 20 Best Games Like The Sims You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of The Sims

The developers of this game are the maxis, and the publishers are electronic arts. The game has been immensely successful, which is seen by the vast amount of profit they have managed to make.

The developers have sold 200 million copies of the game. It can be easily said that this game is among the best video game of all time. It is based on several series.

The game does not give you any strict or specific missions to complete. You come up with digital people who are also known as Sims. You have to put them inside a residential building and see what they require.

Top 20 Best Games Like The Sims List

My Time at Portia

Your main character in this game has to move to a new area, which is known as Portia. You have a small workshop which was handed over to you by a family member in Portia.

You decide to make good use of it now and increase your income. You have to create several kinds of gadgets which will later be used to complete the given challenges.

The interesting thing is you are able to make new friends and relationships, have kids and become a part of the greater neighborhood. The professions you can choose from are fishing, farming, cooking, etc.

Cities: Skylines

This game is so similar to the Sims the only difference is you are now in charge of a bigger picture, the entire city. The scale of management gets bigger here.

You are not restricted to organize just a small house but the whole city can be designed based on the requirements and desires of the citizens.

You will feel like the boss of a virtual world where roads, traffic, infrastructure, landscape, commercial, residential are zones are all decided by you.

You have to make your city thrive. You have to protect it from natural disasters, pollutions, traffic, health hazards.

Two Point Hospital

If you were amused by having control of the houses and hospitals in the game Sims 4 you will definitely like this one as well.

It lets you have a good look at management issues that are faced by hospital authorities and staff on a daily basis. You have the freedom to construct your hospital based on your personal idea.

You are the architect, builder, manager, everything is your responsibility. You can give it any shape you want.

You will be faced with several challenges regarding staff, medical requirements, keep a check on the image building of the hospital in the city.

Animal Crossing

If someone has a strong liking for Sims then this is a perfect platform for him to play it once again but within a different scenario and a different game of course.

But the level of amusement will be the same. The player is in charge of an animal villager. You cannot just barge into someone’s house taking all the control.

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Here you are supposed to socialize, make a good relation with them. You can help them with planting seeds, flowers fishing and that is how you build up a new town of your desire as well as villagers’ demand.

Singles: Flirt up Your Life

It was released to the public after the release of Sims for the reason that developers thought a game similar to Sims but easier in gameplay should also be released.

So that everyone could enjoy it at the same level. It is based on social interactions, making new relationships and strong friendship bonds with other characters.

Your character starts by introducing him and ends up in a relationship making love confessions. It’s not about your daily routine but about your love life. But it has some adult content so it is age-restricted. There are no worries other than your love life.

Second Life

It is so similar to Sims. You have the opportunity to design your own avatar that would be playing as your game character.

The game is based on designing the latest products, items and much more that you will be using in the game. These items will be customized by you and the good news is you can also sell it online to the other players. You can design your dresses. You can also have possession of the land and construct upon it.

Even though the construction is not a piece of cake but it is a treat to personalize everything in the game.

Avakin Life

You have the liberty to design your avatar based on your actual physical features like skin color, face shape, eye color, eye shape, hair color, hair length, your style and taste of dressing, height, etc. you can have an access to the wardrobe to dress up your characters as you want.

It is not just restricted to dressing game. You can also manage to gain access to a piece of land on a beautiful location of the city and construct your own house as you desire.

You can also socialize with international players using the online mode and make new friends.


It is the perfect destination for those who love to dance. It is a simulation game where you create your own music and dance move.

You have to sync your moves to the song. You can also share it with friends and have their reviews. You are free to enjoy your heart out in this world of dance simulation just like Sims.

The graphics, features are the best. You can select the gender of your character and come up with your own customizing options.

For example, you have to click on the correct controls to make a specific move. These moves altogether will then determine your choreography skills.

7 Sins

It is a simulation game based on the life story of your character. It is a role-playing game where your player is present in a certain situation where he has to make a wise decision.

You have to make a decision for your character related to horrible sins. You have to make new relations with other characters.

The decisions of the character are based on negative aspects like anger, aggression, sexual desire, enmity, friendship, greed and much more.

If you have a desire to advance within the game you have to make good relations. And for that, you have to make the characters behave like a civil person.

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Our World

It is the best game for a youngster and teenage kids that lets you have excellent experience in the digital world. You have complete freedom to explore the world around you.

The best thing is it is an online game that does not have to be downloaded on the pc or your phone. It can be directly played in your browser.

But you have to create an account with your name, select your characters name design your avatar based on your physical features.

Customize it dress it up according to your taste. In case you perform well you will rank up and unlock several rewards.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

If you are entertained by matching different people and setting them up in Sims then you will also be amused by the similar game dream daddy a dad simulator. It is like a dating game.

You interact with other characters to get to know them well. All the characters are dads. You will be shown the person profile and his persona type.

You are supposed to pair up similar personalities so that it turns into something serious. You have to choose a dad you want to go on a date with. You can also play little games and see how the story ends.


The site is quite popular among online users. It is visited by more than 6 million online users who keep surfing for almost an hour.

You can use it for online buying and selling, make new friends, converse with your friends, tell you’re funny stories to others, and make your own avatars.

You can also make some actual money by using this site. You can design your customized avatar according to your preferences. You can also take trips to new places.

Design your avatar based on your personal physical features like height, face shape, the shape of your eyes, eye color, hair color, and length.

The Movies

The game was released in the year 2005. The graphics quality is good. You are in charge of a movie studio. You are responsible for its maintenance, running it as an efficient business, management of the studio, etc. you have to create high earning movies so that you have enough money to cast popular actresses, actors, film sets, better stages and everything needed for a movie making.

You need to cater to the needs of actors and keep a check on them. You don’t want any actors or staff members consuming alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal activity in your studio.

Virtual Families 2

It is the next version of virtual families. But this one is not so focused on a specific person on personality types.

You focus more on creating a homely environment that seems to be family-oriented. You have to choose your home design, home management.

You have to create a warm welcoming atmosphere where love is shared among the members. It has to be suitable for kids and pets.

You will be in charge of a family’s lifestyle and indirectly their happiness. You have to pave the lifestyle of each member according to his age, taste, and position.

Home Street

This game provides you with a variety of jobs and activities. You have to think like an interior designer. You will decide the furniture, wall colors, materials, textures of all the rooms based on their programs, usage.

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The interior atmosphere should be designed to the user’s needs, taste, age and position in the household. You have to select the furniture, colors, and materials of the rooms appropriate for the functions.

You can customize your character by changing their physical features like hair color, face shape, skin color, and hair length. You can dress them up as you desire. Make the interior space aesthetically pleasing.

Cheetah Family Sim

This game gives a fantasized glimpse into a cheetah family. You are the parent and you have to raise your little cubs.

You should responsibly feed them, engage in a healthy playtime activity and discover the great desert with them.

They will need you to be sensitive as they might get sick or get themselves into danger. So keep an eye on them.

Protect them from dangerous animals like lions, elephants. Rhino, zebra, etc. you also have to teach them to be self-sufficient when they reach a certain age.

Teach them to hunt food for themselves so that they don’t remain dependant on their parents.

Fallout Shelter

After the Great War, millions of people die and some survived. The survivors would then re-inhabit the planet to populate earth once again ensuring the long term existence of the human race.

You are among those who somehow survived the Great War. You and your people managed to live over a year taking shelter inside an underground vault.

They managed to develop their own settlements, cities; neighborhoods bring the ruins to life once again. The nuclear bombs had really damaged the surface of earth and life present in it.

Due to this the world, until today, faces a global threat. Following these events now the player has to find means to survive again and manage the shelters.


If you are among those who want to be in charge of some one’s life and want to help them improve their lifestyle then this is the best game for you. The developers released it to the public in the year 2006.

The players are totally in your control. The way they behave, eat, sleep, their living spaces, in short, their entire lifestyle and state of mind are dependent on you.

The people they converse with, how do they relax, what is their job, what do they do for entertainment all this will be determined by you. You have to be a good strategist to play efficiently.

Mine craft: Pocket Edition

One of the most popular games today is my craft. You are supposed to build your city. You can experiment in construction with the cubes.

The game displays a 3d environment where you construct innovative structures on your land.

You can collect your resources, indulge in a fight or roam around just discovering several features and the digital world.

You can also play in survival mode where you are supposed to be efficient in resource management to keep a check on your health and keep building without break.

You can also play a mode where you can take a flight in the sky, and have a birds-eye view of your land.

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