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10 Best Games Like Subnautica You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Subnautica - 10 Best Games Like Subnautica You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Subnautica

The game is played in an open world environment to let the user have an in-depth experience while exploring the land. The players are free to roam around on the land and in the ocean of the planets that are alien to the human race.

You have accidentally landed here now you have to make sure that you are capable enough to survival at the foreign land. In order to survive long enough you have to gather useable resources and fight the aggressive creative you come across.

You have to complete the given missions or challenges in order to proceed well in the game. You have to dive into the underwater world and ensure your survival. You have to gather eatable, make arms to be used in case of dangerous encounters, construct your settlements and tools.

You can also interact with the alien species. You can select the level of difficulty for your game. You have four options to choose from. Survival mode, freedom mode, hardcore mode, creative mode.

You have to take care of your health and nutrition, encounters and much more. Each mode has its own features and specific missions to be completed in time. If the player dies your game is finished. In some mode, the layer can respawn several times.

Top 10 Best Games Like Subnautica List

2 3079

The game is based on science fiction and the latest technology. The year depicted in the plot is 3079.the era consists of futuristic types of equipment, vehicle space ships.

You are on a journey to a new planet. The moment you land you realize there is water available on the planet. You also come across aliens and enemies who you have to fight at some points in the game. The daemons are so furious and strong.

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You are provided with a wide range of armory. Advanced technology would help you defeat the enemy.


This game is based on a scenario where is present in the space struggling to survive. The plot is based on science fiction.

You get to explore the alien planet gather useable stuff that might help you survive longer. You can experience day changing. You have to try to protect yourself against the enemy during the day.

At night you go out to explore the land and collect items. You should wisely collect useful items that might help you increase your health or weapons that can use in combats.


The game requires smart skills and fast decision making capability from gamers. The game depicts a story where you were on a quest underwater.

But suddenly your marine crashes and starts malfunctioning. Now you are facing a life and death situation. Your survival depends on your skills.

If you are smart enough you will try to make use of broken parts of the marine to survive. You can collect deferent things at the bottom of the sea. You get to explore the underwater world as well.


This game is so similar to Subotica. The plot consists of survival tactics. You should be making wise decisions to make sure you survive for a long time.

The situation is that a deadly virus has spread in the world and you have to keep yourself safe from getting infected. You also have to make sure it does not expand the boundaries of the island.

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The graphics and visual quality is great that’s adding more interest. Sound effects are also amazing. Much detail has been added in visual quality.

Underwater Adventure

The plot consists of a world you experience under the water. You get to closely see the life of marine animals. That’s when your quest begins.

It lets you have fun regarding action, venture mini-games and much more. You play the game in a single-player mode when you realize you are not on the surface but under the water here you have to ensure your survival.

The graphics are good which future add interest to the gameplay. If you are a fan of aquatic life it is the best game for you.

Planet Explorers

When you start the game you have three options to play. You can choose multiplayer mode if you want to play along with your friends.

It provides you with adventurous experiences as well as role-playing in specific situations. You are just roaming around exploring the land after accidentally landing there. The gameplay lets you experience the game in-depth as you play in an open world environment.

The game depicts futuristic technologies because the era depicted is the year 2287 when the world has advanced a lot. You have to take steps to settle on the land making your own settlement.

The Long Dark

Same like subnautica it is also based on survival scenario. You were traveling through space when accidentally you crash onto another unfamiliar planet.

The bad news is the surface of the land is not very suitable for the human race. Now you are supposed to adjust yourself according to the planet’s geology, atmosphere, and climate.

You have to ensure your survival at any cost. You can play the game from a first-person perspective. You can follow a certain story and follow specific maps to survive.

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The game requires survival skills and smart decision-making skills from the players. You can play it worth your friends or other online players if you want to. Just select the multiplayer mode.

You get to experience an adventurous journey and interesting combats with other creatures. You have to fight against climatic conditions and much more. This game has a huge fan base because of its appealing gameplay.

The game keeps expanding its popularity among gamers. The developers have put in many details and thought to keep the players interested.

Seahorse 3D

The best thing about it is that it needs no downloading on the pc or any specific device. It is available for smartphones. It is one of the best alternatives for subnautica.

The gameplay takes you on an interesting journey where you get to experience the underwater life of animals. The main and most exciting experience will be with the exotic creature the sea horse.

The graphics are good. Much detail regarding sea life has been added visually and acoustically. You can also enjoy mini-games to kill some time.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

You get a thrilling experience with the underwater animals. You come across many fish, sea horses, octopuses, and even sharks. It provides you with thrilling action and adventure.

You are the main character names john sanders. You dive under the water in search of the deep hidden treasures left behind by the pirates or previous generations.

You are an expert in diving underwater on a mission to gather treasure for yourself. Meanwhile, you come across several kinds of dangerous and unfamiliar underwater creatures. You have to be prepared for that.

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