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10 Best Games Like Spore You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Spore - 10 Best Games Like Spore You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Spore

The game was released in year 2008.it is a simulation game that requires a good strategic mind. You will be required to make smart choices to further proceed to the next steps.

You will also enjoy action, adventure role-playing. You are in charge of a specific kind of life in space. You keep a check on its growth right from the beginning.

The species is a microscopic organism. The game is very easy to download and install on your systems. The players have the choice to personalize everything in the game that matters. You can customize edifices, creatures, cars, etc.

the critics appreciated this feature. But it could not get many positive reviews regarding the gameplay as it was very simple.

Monotonous and user got bored easily. The game consists of several stages that get difficult at every next step.

You have to complete the given challenges and missions to receive rewards in the form of scores, bonuses, money or some kind of new skill provided to your character.

If you are playing the game and passed so many levels successfully but lose once and get all of your species damaged then the game starts from the beginning and the species will have to emerge once again which you will find in a colony somewhere close to you.

Top 10 Best Games Like Spore List

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

The game is based on the process of evolution of life. You get to see the reasons that result in the process of evolution over time.

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The details of the process shown in the game are amazing. This game is one of the best evolution games because of its amazing experience and gameplay and the level of details.

The user has the authority over the game and it further unfolds. It is not based on fixed outcomes. You have to be very creative and innovative to bring in the best form of evolution.


This game is similar to spore which was launched some years after spore. It is based on a special kind of plant that is capable of growing in the space or on a comet.

It is based on the dying tree hypothesis. Now it is a great opportunity to grow as much vegetation in outer space as you can.

There is a specific species African thriving on asteroids. You can make efficient use of the seeds to further expand the growth of plants in the space.


This is the best option to go for in case you don’t have access to spore or if you got bored playing the same game. It is a stagy based game that requires smart skills from gamers.

The plot consists of you as the main character that is responsible for growing geno hunters that is the hunters are composed of unique genes.

You are supposed to make use of these hunters to protect yourself from the enemies. Different skills can be added like flaming, brain scramble, electronic shocks and much more.

Creatures: The Albian Years

The game depicts a world where you find cute and lovely kind of living things all around you. The best thing about the game is its amazing and detailed graphics quality.

The gameplay is similar to spore. You are present on a different planet called Albia. You can play in different atmospheres.

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You see so many abandoned laboratories. Now you as a scientist are going to bring back the creatures that passed away years ago. You have made an inhabitable environment for them.

Sins of a Solar Empire

The gameplay consists of a space environment based on science fiction and strategy games. The graphics are not too good but have reasonable quality and detail.

You have an army of your own. You have to train them efficiently in order to protect yourself from the enemy. You have to take control of your financial status and other supports.

By these qualities, you will be able to control the universe. You have to be making some really smart choices. You have to build upon your kingdom in the future.

Impossible Creatures

Here you will be able to build your own personal military. The best thing is you get to recruit several kinds of creatures.

Its amazing features do not stop here you can also enhance or modify their genes and convert them into some kind of innovative creature.

Thus will help you to protect yourself against your space enemies. This makes the game even more exciting and thrilling. You will not regret playing it.

By these features, you will be able to avengers your father’s death.

Dark spore

The game is based on sci-fi gameplay. The player is in charge of the security of the space.

You have to protect all kinds of species present in our galaxy including the minorities. There are some dark forces present in the space that are harming the species.

In order to protect yourself, you will be required to explore alien worlds. You can also play with your friends and other players from the entire world.

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You have to make wise decisions as well as have a command on speed, controls, and action.

He Kerbal Space Program

This is a simulation game and the best opportunity for gamers to explore space in a virtual form will provide you with a mesmerizing space experience.

It is best for those who have a never-ending obsession for space worlds. The game released to the public in the year 2007 and it keeps improving ever since.

In the game you will be required to be innovative for the invention of new objects, equipment, space tools, etc. you can design new kinds of rockets, space ships, weapons, etc.

Void Hunters

This game provides you with an amazing experience especially when you play along with other players or friends.

But it is not comparable to spore in terms of the depth of story, graphics or gameplay.

It is basic level space games where you are supposed to defend yourself against the enemy or keep exploring the areas to find some good and usable loot left by enemies.

But you can always come up with your own battleship. You cannot build your entire civilization or colony but can enjoy action gameplay.

Planetoid 3

This game provides you with a diverse range of space species and several kinds of aliens.

You can choose what kind of species you would want to play with. You have to train them so that they are eligible to be recruited by the military.

You have to keep control of them to make you the kingdom.

You have to protect your kingdom and you can also attack the enemy first to acquire more land and expand your empire. You also have to manage your land’s economy and financial crisis.

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