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10 Best Games Like Overwatch You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Game Like Overwatch - 10 Best Games Like Overwatch You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Overwatch

It is a multiplayer game first-person game that was developed but the blizzard entertainment. It was released to the public in the year 2016. The game divided the player into two teams. Each team consists of 6 players.

The entire members have the liberty to select a game character for themselves. In case you perform well in the match you will be rewarded with attire skins and much more. Now a variety of characters, maps, and unique game modes have also been introduced. The game later introduced a narrative referring to the global crisis faced by the inhabitants of the earth.

The game can be considered the best to kill some time. You will get to experience some amazing since fiction and battlefield fighting. The gameplay is amazing as well as the graphics. Your weapons and other medical supplies are the most important thing to gather up. The weapons are realistic and even futuristic.

The violent content is not so bad. Graphics are good and the gameplay is really strong. It is one of the best games to kill some boredom. A number of heroic figures, genders and a diversity of ethnic groups are also added in the game. The game has managed to build up a huge fan base. There are over 50 million from all around the world.

Top 10 Best Games Like Overwatch List

Squad (PC)

The visual quality and graphics are quite different as compared to overwatch. But it’s not the graphics that make it relatable to overwatch. The gameplay, story and exciting features are similar to overwatch. This game has to be played in the form of a team.

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The key factor here is how you work with the team and the level of communication you all have with each other as team members. There is a huge variety of armory and vehicles to fight against the enemy making the gameplay more interesting.

Apex Legends 

The game is a little different from the battle royal. It consists of many more exciting features and a variety of weapons. The most significant feature is the dependency on your teammates. It teaches the players to play well in the form of a team.

If you fail to coordinate with your group members it would become very difficult for you to survive till the end of the match. You have to run around gathering combat material that could be used against the enemy. There is no option to play alone. You have to form a group.

Planet Side 2 

The game is based on a war scenario. There are several maps that you can play into. The size of maps is extremely huge which makes you cover long distances. Due to this, you will defiantly be needing vehicles to travel to different locations.

You have a variety of vehicles including cars, tanks, aircraft’s and much more. All the groups of military forces want to take over the land. Each map consists of a huge number of players in the match. Usually, there are almost 50 players fighting enemies.

Gotham City Impostors 

This game features the well-know superhero the batman. It is the best game for those who are a diehard fan of him. But probably it would not be very appealing for joker fans since batman is supposed to fight against him and the entire game portraits him as the bad guy.

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But the game manages to entertain its players due to strong gameplay and appealing features. You have access to the unique arms made by hand at home. It requires aggressive combats between enemy groups.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 

If you combine the animation like graphics of overwatch and add a little action and adventure then this game is the best option for you and will definitely not fail to entertain you. You get to fight against the zombies who become a huge threat to the entire human race all around the world.

You have the option to decide who you side with either zombies or the plants. Then you get your army according to those possessing unique skills. It provides a good adventurous experience to the gamers.

War frame

The game lets you play in the third person mode. It lets the player have an incredible experience of MMO.van experience that makes the game addictive and hard to ignore. The plot consists of a scenario where you are in charge of the fighters belonging to a previous era in the historical world.

The gameplay provides the player with amazing action and combat experience. You have so many characters options to choose from. Each character possesses some unique set of skills and strengths.


You chose your character and get to customize it according to your personal style. You can do this with the help of a special card. It might not be that easy to understand it in the beginning. But if you keep practicing you will get its features and find it interesting.

The maps provided are huge in size. Running and fighting carelessly would not help in this game. It requires putting in a lot of thought and smart moves. You have to plan your next step very strategically.

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Battle born

You have the liberty to select the character that you want to play with. There are some amazing customize options available. You can customize your game character according to your personal taste and style.

The best thing is it lets you play the matches while being offline. The gameplay is very interesting and has many layers to it. Although you will need to have a good grip on the controls and a good understanding of the gameplay to play it well you will find it very appealing.

Dirty Bomb

The game requires you to have good communication with the other members. It can be played in multiplayer mode. Cooperating efficiently with the teammates is the key factor to survive for the longest time or win the match.

Trying to play it as a solo would not be very successful and you might have to face consequences in the form of defeat or being thrown out of the match. You can select your merc class. You have to select those based on smart ideas because it would impact the experience of the game.

Block N Load

The game is similar to the fortnight of the TDM version. The maps provided to the gamers are designed in an efficient manner letting you freely explore the land and discover new and exciting locations easily.

The developers have managed to keep a good balance in all the given features. The graphics quality, sound effects, and music, gameplay, variety of weapons and other features are all coherent in terms of quality. This balance is not so commonly seen in shooter games. All the characters possess a unique set of skills.

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