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10 Best Games Like Mass Effect You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Mass Effect - 10 Best Games Like Mass Effect You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Mass Effect

The game can be played in a third perspective mode. You can also share your fun adventures with other players. You are the main character of the game who is a commander Shepard.

You have the freedom to choose the appearance of your character including name, gender, physical appearance and much more. You can also try some training before jumping into the game directly.

You can select from six unique categories where each category ensures a specific set of skills, talents, and strength which you can use wisely.

For instance, one class has a specialized command in smash-up and medical facilities while the other is adept in healing associates and ensuring protection from the enemies.

The area where the game is played in the galaxy Milky Way and the year is 2183. At this time, humans face a huge threat from other technologically advanced creatures. Humans are on the verge of distinction.

Now it’s your job to make sure a scoundrel agent does not succeed in his devious missions. The gameplay consists of battles, spaceship fights and much more. You get to explore the outer space.

You as the head of the game are supposed to make significant wise choices to protect the human race from foreign attacks.

Top 10 Best Games Like Mass Effect List

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The game offers so many types of features, adventures, and experiences. There are a number of places for you to travel around.

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It offers a huge number of entertainment including combats, journeys and romantic experiences as well. You get to see the sights of some beautiful sceneries of nature, landscapes.

You can fight against the enemies to test your skills and as a reward, you get to have the benefit of some romance. You have complete control over your character including appearance.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This game offers the same kind of experience as the mass effect. If you are a fan of mass effect you will defiantly find it worth playing.

The game can be played on several types of devices that include Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PS3 and many more. The instructions are simple and trouble-free. The name of your character is Adam.

Adam is an employee of a technologically advanced organization that is capable of proving a person with a new life. They do this by replacing original organs with an artificial one.you are also one of them.

Jade Empire

This game is similar to mass effect but with a new unique touch. It is based on Chinese myths.

If you want to play games with a strong storyline and depth in the narrative at the same time fun to play then the jade empire is made for you.

It is as if you are playing mass effect in a new form. The visuals and graphics quality is astounding. The combination of colors is so sensible. You get to experience the art of martial arts fight.

Baldur’s Gate

This game is based on role-playing making it an amazing experience providing the player with an adventurous journey. It takes role-playing experience to the next level.

You are present in an imaginary virtual world where you find beautiful natural sceneries like a forest, waterfall, mountains, dungeons, urban life and much more.

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The graphics quality is good. The instructions and dialogues timings are so appropriate that they do not bore you with long texts. You get to experience realistic gameplay while fighting an enemy and exploring the land.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game is so similar to mass effect. The developers and marketers are as capable as the game proves to be a huge success as soon as it gets out. It is loved by a huge number of gamers.

The games let you enjoy the role-playing experience offering a variety of landscapes,mini-games, challenges, missions a wide variety of weapons and much more.

All these attractive features make the gameplay even more appealing and fun. Being the main character you have to kill the devious creatures.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The game is suitable for a wide variety of devices including Xbox, Microsoft widows IOS and many more. This game is best for star wars fans as you play in the star wars universe.

The game offers an amazing experience of space combats. You get to explore the outer space worlds as a star wars fan.

The only difference is the names and appearance of characters. The themes are also a bit altered. It offers amazing features and skills possessed by each character.


The game managed to make a good reputation in the gaming world because of its strong story and interesting gameplay. The game has a huge fan base. T

The world you play in is huge, limitless and adventurous. You are supposed to be the hero who dedicated his entire life to protect his planet and keep its citizens safe and healthy.

The superpowers you possess are because you are a dragon born person. You can gain access to dead dragoons souls. Using these powers for good you can bring peace to the world.

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Fallout 4

The game depicts an era of the future where you are present in the year 2287.humans have made their planet inhabitable owing to the wars and battles against each other not realizing it brings everyone down.

Now you have lost your family. You have to find them. As the gameplay is futuristic it is based on science fiction and the latest technologies. The story is strong and interesting.

You start exploring several kinds of adventurous events while being on the mission. you discover several ambiguities.

Star Wars II

The game is the next part of a series. The narrative is the same as the previous one but the game proceeds further in a new way.

You are the main character who is dying to take revenge from his enemy. Your character is the Jedi. He comes back to his conscious state of mind from the enemy who is responsible for this phase of his life.

You can see that the game has really improved in gameplay, graphics, and narrative. You can also play mini-games to kill some time.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The game is so similar to mass effect but it is said that this one is even more interesting. There so many features in this game that are much improved as compared to mass effect.

Its game mechanisms are better as it can be played on a wide range of devices including Xbox, Windows, PS3 and many more. There are a number of characters available which you can choose from.

You can freely customize your character providing it with a number of capabilities and personalized physical appearance.

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