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20 Best Games Like Fallout You Should Play in 2020

20 Best Games Like Fallout - 20 Best Games Like Fallout You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Fallout

You are among those who somehow survived the Great War. You and your people managed to live over a year taking shelter inside an underground vault.

But sadly you are the only one who comes out alive. Now you are set on a quest to see what happened to your relatives that were left behind on the surface.

The game follows the historical events that resulted in devastating effects. Before the war, the world was progressing at a fast pace advancing immensely in technology.

Everyone had managed to obtain a personal computer, mobile phones and much more. In the fallout, there were not so many computers used.

Top 20 Best Games Like Fallout List


The narrative of the game is really a story based on looting stuff including arms, health resources, food and much more. You get to explore the land in a semi-open environment.

You can roam around freely discovering several features. The best thing about the game is its speed is really fast. It does not hang or crash too much.

The gameplay is a little unique as compared to the fallout. The level ranks are measured in a different manner. There are no long length texts displaying conversations with the other players.

Far Cry

The game has the best features among most of the games we usually come across. It has a very deep and strong narrative.

The maps are huge and very interesting when you set on a journey to explore several places. You can obtain items required for the gameplay directly from the store using money instead of running around looting the leftover.

You can take part in the war and test your gaming skills while playing among other players from all over the world using a multiplayer mode.


This one is one of the best games regarding its strong storyline and impressive gameplay. The situation is planet earth has been destroyed on a massive scale due to a series of horrific events that took place in the past.

The human race is close to being wiped out entirely. The remaining survivors try to find shelter in the metro and have to spend the rest of their life in a different way from now onwards.

You have to get outside and try to find resources and manage them among the survivors.

Mad Max

If you are a fan of games that provide an opportunity for massive killing, exploring new locations, introducing new and cool vehicle then this game is definitely for you.

You are in a situation where you have to survive at any cost. The world has been facing a major apocalypse causing havoc on the planet.

You have to ensure your survival even if you have to kill anything. The graphics quality is great and much detail has been added that further excites the user.

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The game is so similar to the other hundreds of survival games. You are required to have strong decision-making skills and combat capabilities. The game happens to be a little old.

But still, it is really popular among hundreds of fans. The situation is that the world has faced a severe nuclear blast taking place in Chernobyl.

Your job is to head out and try finding the reason behind the surprising absence of 5 helicopters that belong to the army. Meanwhile, you might have to encounter the S.T.A.L.K.E.R group.

7 Days to Die

The situation is there are zombies all over the world spreading with a fast speed infecting others as well. You have to make sure that you are capable of surviving for the longest time.

For that, you will need to build a safe shelter, fetch a huge number of armories to fight the deadly zombies.

You will have to get outside the shelter from time to time to get a hand on resources and types of equipment. But you might not be able to do it alone. You will need a teammate.

We Happy Few

This is the most incredible and not so common story theme. You have to survive in a world where there is so much depression and worrying regarding worldly belongings and other problems that we are facing in our daily lives.

In order to survive this situation, you are required to take a dose of a drug that would make you a happy person. If you don’t take it you will come across mentally useable people hurting you.

In that case, you see the real condition of the world that would be unbearable.


The game managed to make a good reputation in the gaming world because of its strong story and interesting gameplay. The game has a huge fan base.

The world you play in is huge, limitless and adventurous. You are supposed to be the hero who dedicated his entire life to protect his planet and keep its citizens safe and healthy.

The superpowers you possess are because you are a dragon born person. You can gain access to dead dragoons souls. Using these powers for good you can bring peace to the world.

Mass Effect

You can share your fun adventures with other players. You are the main character of the game who is a commander Shepard.

You have the freedom to choose the appearance of your character including name, gender, physical appearance and much more.

The area where the game is played in the galaxy Milky Way and the year is 2183. At this time, humans face a huge threat from other technologically advanced creatures. Humans are on the verge of distinction.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game is so similar to mass effect. The developers and marketers are as capable as the game proves to be a huge success as soon as it gets out. It is loved by a huge number of gamers.

The games let you enjoy the role-playing experience offering a variety of landscapes, mini-games, challenges, missions a wide variety of weapons and much more.

All these attractive features make the gameplay even more appealing and fun. Being the main character you have to kill the devious creatures.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The game consists of the main plot to be followed by the player which is interesting. But inside the huge environment where you are playing consists of hidden mysterious, exciting adventures, untold stories are even more exciting.

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You will face specific situations where you have to solve a puzzle, go to a hidden dungeon, visit several cities and much more. It is basically a battle game where you have to defend yourself and survive the attacks.

But the liberty to roam around and surprisingly discovering mysterious objects or scenarios adds spice to the gameplay. There are several modes available to add more interest.

Grand Theft Auto 

The initial version of this game was released to the public in the year 2001.it was published by the company named rock star games.

The game is about a criminal personality who is involved in the drug business. The criminal man has managed to establish his own criminal gang. This guy is supposed to fight against other crimes within the city.

The name of the guy who is on the specific mission is Tommy. He is supposed to complete this mission after being released from jail after 15 years. This guy is sent on this mission by harry and lee.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The game is so similar to fallout. If you are a diehard fan of fallout then it is so definite that you would love metal gear solid as well.

It is similar gameplay and story but with different settings and different characters. In the game plot, the main character has managed to obtain much power in his area by building an army of trained soldiers.

The character had been defeated by the enemy earlier depriving him of his mother base. But now he is even stronger and wants to take revenge. The game offers amazing gear combinations and other interesting features.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The plot of the game follows the earlier versions story. You are in a state of battle with your enemy where you have to protect yourself, your army and your land.

This version is the sequel of the shadow of the Mordor. Here the battle motion, killing mechanisms, and actions are much better. The graphic is improved. The attacks now seem more brutal and evil.

The main character has managed to build an army by brainwashing them. They are ready to fight for you. There is a huge variety of arms, action moves, fighting combos and other features that further excite the player.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

At first, when the game released it has many errors like a balance problem, the game getting stuck and so many other things that killed the interest in the game. But the developers kept working on it.

They updated the game regularly fixing bugs. Now the game has managed to be aiming the best games. It is loved by gamers all over the world. It is based on survival tactics.

The plot consists of the main character present in the city of New York where there has been a deadly virus outbreak. The virus has immediately infected thousands of humans. Now you have to ensure your survival by adopting efficient strategies.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection

The game is designed on the theme of survival and battle. You will encounter several enemies and infected zombies. You have to protect yourself and fight them to keep your city safe.

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You land on an island where there are zombies everywhere. Your character’s specialty is that he cannot be infected by the deadly virus. You have the option to choose whatever character you’re like out of the four options.

Each one is equipped with specific strengths and capabilities. The story is very basic but it is the gameplay that makes the game worth playing. You can create your own killing tools on the island.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

The game gets a mix of positive and negative reviews by critics and game lovers. In terms of plot and narrative, it is really out of the ordinary and a little odd too.

But that is what also makes it stand out of the other battle games based on generic game plots. On the other hand, the game consists of some incredibly amazing features.

The graphics are good. You have the liberty to play the game in several different styles and with a good number of skills, updates, armory, researches and much more. It is exciting gameplay that makes it unusual. But it also consists of several errors that need to be fixed.


The game is played from a first-person perspective. You are an inhabitant of the earth at a time when an asteroid has struck the planet causing havoc and disruption in a habitable environment.

It is now extremely challenging for humans to survive under such deadly conditions. You have to make sure that you are prepared for the apocalypse.

You will have to fight several kinds of creatures and monsters to be able to survive for a long period of time. You have to go to different locations to get back your memory. You can also play other adventure modes to be rewarded well.


When we talk about role-playing games, FPS and games that consist of a strong story background it is impossible not to mention bio shock.

In fact, it would be suitable to state that it is a game that has the best storyline that supports the gameplay in the background. This game would not fail to entertain a gamer.

It provides the user with an exciting combat experience. The developers have been very innovative in designing the gameplay, story, action dynamics and beautifully combine them into a perfect combination. You are supposed to help a girl who has been captured by some evils. You will be traveling to the skies and ahead to an exciting journey.

The Last of Us

The game is based on combat matches and war modes. You are supposed to attach the enemies and defend yourself. You have to survive until the end of the match.

The fighting techniques, combos, motion moves, and motion dynamics are the most incredible element in the game. It is strong gameplay that makes it very exciting to enter the match.

You can actually experience the range and anger of the character. For example, the motion seems realistic when you hit a man’s head on a wall.

You will have to face many critical situations for making a decision. You have a daughter with you hence your character has to behave accordingly.

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