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Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts & Passwords in 2020

How to Get Free Rapidgator Premium Account

Rapidgator is an online platform; there you can backup, upload, download, and share your files with your colleagues and friends. It is a hosting service of files. In Rapidgator, you can store your media without paying any fee or cost. You don’t need to buy any subscription for your Rapidgator account as long as the size of your file is 500Mb. So for this, you have to know about a Free Rapidgator Premium Account and how to get it.

Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts - Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts & Passwords in 2020

You can not download more than three files/day and two files/hour. This has two kinds of accounts. One is premium, and the other is free as their names are showing that the free account does not require any money. But when you are using an account free, then the files are available for 30 days to you since your last download. The one account is paid, you must have to pay for it to use. You must have to pay $16.90 for the three days. In this duration, you have unlimited storage to download the files, and you use them or keep in contact with them within 60 days

Free Rapidgator Premium Account

As the Rapidgator does not require any registration to download and upload files as the size of the file is 500 MB. But if you want to upload the files of size greater than 500MB, then you must move to the premium account of Rapidgator. A lot of different premium account of Rapidgators are available.

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You can easily choose them according to your requirements. Now we see the methods to get a free Rapidgator Premium Account.

Method 1:

To get Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts

In this method, you use any other personal account to login and the features of Rapidgator. You need to search the person and take their account along with the password

[email protected]: sausageeresx3

[email protected]: gizz676zy123

[email protected] : sailboat2th

[email protected] : Friend14fds

Method 2: 

To get Free Rapidgator With Swagbucks

You can easily get the Free Rapidgator account using Swagbucks. You need to make your account on this link by signing up.

  • Now open your account on the homepage by using your email id.
  • After some time, you will get a verification email; after that, verification proceeds further.
  • After that, some tasks they assign to you. Complete those tasks.
  • After the completion of these tasks, they email your Free Rapidgator Account to you directly.
  • You easily repeat this process as many times as you want but with some different email.

Method 3:

To Get Free Rapidgator Account With InboxDollars

At this platform, you can quickly get the Free Rapidgator account by earning the gifts, prizes, and cash reward.

  • Open the google. Visit the link InboxDollars.
  • On that site, just enter your email address and passwords that given to you via the pop-up menu. Then you receive a confirmation link through an email
  • Open that link in the next new tab. Some tasks are assigned to you there that you must have to complete one of them.
  • After these tasks, the free clash of clan account is rewarded to you.
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Method 4: 

To get free Rapidgators accounts With Survey Junkie

  • At this platform, Survey Junkie, you also create your account by earning cash, gifts, and prizes
  • Open your web browser, Google and sign up at this link, the homepage displayed.
  • Please enter your mail address and password, and then you received a confirmation ink through the mail. Open that link.
  • Your free Rapidgator accounts are created.

Method 5:

To get Free Rapidgator accounts using Zen Surveys

It gives you straightforward access to the free Rapidgator account.

  • First, make your account on the webpage using your email.
  • After signing up, you receive a confirmation link through email.
  • Some tasks are displaying on your screen. Do at least one task of your choice.
  • Once you complete these tasks, you will get a free Rapidgator account.

Method 6:

To Get Free Rapidgator Account Using Premium Cookies

In this method, you use the cookies to get a Rapidgator account free. Cookies store your information about how many times you visit the website. These visits are compulsory to make your account on the webpage. That means when you visit that webpage again, they will provide you a webpage fill you’re your login or id that they save already on your visiting to that site

  • The first thing is, you must have to manipulate the cookies. You can also easily edit your stored cookies. And for doing this, you must have to use many extensions that are readily available on the internet. Edit This Cookie is one of the extensions.
  • The second step is to surf and start looking for premium cookies, which help you to get a free Rapidgator account.
  • Copy these cookies and then go back to the Rapidgator page, open the login page, and paste the cookies that you copied.
  • Refresh your page and enjoy the premium facilities of the free Rapidgator account.
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Method 7: 

To get Free Rapidgator account Using The Leech Method

It is one of the methods to get a free Rapidgator account. In this process, you first have to visit a certain leech website. These websites give you an unlimited link to get Free Rapidgator Account.

  • First, visit the hungry site
  • After the loading of the page, paste the link of your account of Rapidgator in the box.
  • Select the option and generate the link
  • After these steps, they provide you a link of premium free account of Rapidgator
  • Go back to the link and paste the link that is created there. And you get your free Rapidgator account.

Method 8: 

To Get Free Rapidgator accounts Using Free Trial Method

This is also an advantageous method to get a free Rapidgator account.

  • For this, first, visit the official site of Rapidgator after the loading of a page.
  • The option to log in and register is displayed here.
  • If you are new in it, click on login and enter your name, id, email and password
  • After registration, go to the payment page.
  • So, your premium-free Rapidgator account is created. Freely use it, and feel free to share your files with your friends.

If you want to extend the time duration of your free Rapidgator account, share the link of your account with your friends. When they use this link, you will get money, and you use this money to increase the time duration of the Free Rapidgator account.

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