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Free Minecraft Accounts 2020 | Premium List of 100+ Accounts

How to Get Free Minecraft Account

In this new era, technology is growing very fast. Technology made our life very easy. Minecraft is an online video game. It was developed by the Swedish game designer named Notch Persson. But after some time, it is modified and then published by Mojang.

How to Get Free Minecraft Account - Free Minecraft Accounts 2020 | Premium List of 100+ Accounts

There are two kinds of Minecraft games; 

  1. Minecraft pocket edition
  2. Minecraft story mode.

The game is just like a steam game. It is an exciting game. In this, players can customize their game according to their choice. For example, building shelter, using cubes, and do craving on the available things. There are many modes of games on it. Those are Survival mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, Spectator Mode, and Hardcore mode

A single-player or multiple players play the free mine craft account. In this game, first, you collect all the raw material to make different tools like axe, torch, spade. One more thing about that game is, the enemy is most active and ready to attack you if you are in a dark mode.

They do not attack a person in daylight. Creative mode is the most interesting mode of this game.

Minecraft becomes so popular, in the early time, 144 million copies are marketed in 2018 and considered as the second-best video game.

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It is a video game of a 3D sandbox type. In this type of play, the player is free to play the games in any mode that they like.

Minecraft is a platform in which the user can easily create his own game. It is the first-person game in which the person focuses on exploration and crafting in the game.

If you are a gamer and you want to play the game in a comfortable environment, then this is good for those.

You can easily create a set of your choice, and when you load that game, it will be assembled randomly. You cannot create any game twice. In this game, the player makes a game of their choice by using their thoughts. And if you succeed fully make the game according to your idea, then you will feel so comfortable playing the game.

Then you are protected from your world and made full defense area to protect yourself and fight with the enemies.

Premium Free Minecraft Accounts

If you want to play a Minecraft game free, you don’t want to spend money on it. Please read this article, and it will help you in making this. This section is for those who did not purchase the game.

Method 1:

To get Free Minecraft Premium Accounts

In this method, you use any other personal account to login and the features of Minecraft. You need to search the person and take their account along with the password

[email protected]: sausageeresx3

[email protected]: gizz676zy123

[email protected] : sailboat2th

[email protected] : Friend14fds

Method 2:

To get Free Minecraft With Swagbucks

You can quickly get the Free Minecraft account using Swagbucks. You need to make your account on this link by signing up.

  • Now open your account on the homepage by using your email id.
  • After some time, you will get a verification email; after that, verification proceeds further.
  • After that, some tasks they assign to you. Complete those tasks.
  • After the completion of these tasks, they email your Free Minecraft Account to you directly.
  • You quickly repeat this process as many times as you want but with some different email.
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Method 3:

To Get Free Minecraft Account With an InboxDollars

You can quickly get the Free Minecraft account by earning gifts, prizes, and cash rewards, by this platform.

  • Open the google.
  • Open the link an InboxDollars.
  • On that website, enter an email address and passwords that given to you via the pop-up menu. Then you receive a confirmation link through an email
  • Open that link in the next new tab. Some tasks are assigned to you there that you must have to complete one of them.
  • After these tasks, the free clash of clan account is rewarded to you.

Method 4: 

To get free Minecraft accounts With a Survey Junkie

At this platform, Survey Junkie, you can also create your account by earning cash, gifts, and prizes

  • Open your web browser, Google and sign up at this link, the homepage displayed.
  • Please enter your mail address and password, and then you received a confirmation ink through the mail. Open that link.
  • Your free Minecraft accounts are created.

Method 5:

To get Free Minecraft accounts using Zen Surveys

It gives you straightforward access to the free Minecraft account.

  • First, make your account on the webpage using your email.
  • After signing up, you receive a confirmation link through email.
  • Do one task of your choice that is displayed on the screen.
  • Once you complete these tasks, you will get a free Minecraft account.

Method 6:

To get Free Minecraft accounts by Mojang Account

To get the Minecraft report free from this method, you must follow the following steps;

  • Open the web browser.
  • Open the official website of Minecraft.
  • Log in to your Minecraft account, by going on the login section of a home page.
  • You log in to your account if you are a registered user. If not, then register yourself by using your email id and create a strong password.
  • After filling all the required details, click on ” Create Account.”
  • Congrats! Your account of Minecraft is created.
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But the process is not complete there, and you must have to do steps furthermore. Follow these steps to convert your Minecraft account to MOJANG account.

  • Open web browser
  • Open the official website of MOJANG.
  • Please fill the required details that they ask—for example, email id, name, and password.
  • A dialogue box appears in which some terms and conditions are mentioned.
  • I agree with these conditions.
  • Migrate your old Premium Minecraft Account
  • Click on the option t migrate the account.
  • A 4 digit code is sent to you through email. It is a verification code.
  • After confirmation, your information is completely transferred to the Mojang account.

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