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Top 3 Ways to Get 30K Free Instagram Followers in 2020

How to Get Free Instagram Followers

With the increasing number of users on Instagram, the craze is getting severe with each passing day. People have some serious concerns with the number of followers because they want to be famous and flaunt the “k” with their follower count. It is essential to note that followers aren’t going to do anything good for you alone. We mean they do show your follower count but in the long run, your brand and business profile will matter.

Free Instagram Followers - Top 3 Ways to Get 30K Free Instagram Followers in 2020

Gaining the increased number of followers can be a tedious and time-consuming process and if you think to post good pictures will be everything, you are highly mistaken. To get you out of the rock, let us tell you that there is no way freeway that you can earn an increased number of followers because you either need to invest money or time and effort. There are scam platforms as well that ask the page owners with the intent to increase followers invest money in the platform and they will provide them the followers.

There are some platforms that ensure to provide organic followers but some of them provide nothing but bots. So, it is better to stay away from the scam and indulge yourself in the activities and tricks that are truly helpful. The best part is that there aren’t any survey filing requirements in this article. So, let’s get to the point and earn some followers on Instagram.

Multiple Methods To Gain Instagram Followers

Every brand and business page dreams of gaining an increased number of followers and they are always looking for ways to drive traffic to the platform because it’s responsible for the engagement and conversion rate. There are tips that ask users to invest time and money to earn followers but to be honest; there are some services that offer followers within minutes.

Gain Instagram Followers - Top 3 Ways to Get 30K Free Instagram Followers in 2020

Long gone the times when Social Media Like Exchange networks were there to help you increase the likes and followers count because the new ones are in the market with even better effectiveness and results/ So, let us help you find the most perfect Instagram follower earning platforms. So, let’s have a look and enjoy the follower’s rain!


This name might sound to cliché but this platform has made it to the top of the list for all the right reasons. Through this platform, you can increase your followers and likes count on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, and much more. With this platform, you will need to earn points if you need to earn the followers and that requires registering to the platform.

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After you have registered, you need to add the social media account of your choice to start earning points. For instance, you can add the Instagram username and follower the user’s posts through the website. Once you have honed the platform, you will be sent the points with one follows the will deduct the same value for the followers. This means you can gain as many followers as you want!


Yeah, we know that they sound like Instagram from the end but that speaks volumes for its ability to earn Instagram followers without any certain set of efforts. There is no way that it works as social media like exchange platforms because this platform is for automation bot that helps users earn followers as well as the likes within a few seconds.

Once you opt for Hublaagram, you will need to allow permission for the website bot to publish the account. Moreover, it requires access tokens to help you earn free Instagram followers. There are multiple platforms like this that utilize the automated scripts which are the main reason they are said to be devised on Google Algorithm. Such platforms are highly likely to direct to spam links and third-party ads which are another name of trapping you in the link opening loops.

Through the scams, you might not even get the followers and Instagram will have the authority to suspend your account or block it permanently.


The function of the platform is pretty evident from the name but let’s get into the details. This is a website for the people who are looking for free Instagram followers without worrying about geographical barriers. This website is available to use in 200 different countries and ever since its launch, it has managed to acquire over 140,000 members. There are multiple exchange tasks that allow users to earn points and followers in the long run.

There are services regarding the exchange for all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Sound Cloud, VK, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Vimeo, Reddit,, and LinkedIn along with the website traffic boost.

Tricks To Gain An Increased Instagram Follower Base

Not everyone trusts the Instagram follower earning platforms as they result in bots that might help increase the follower count but the value won’t be there. To ensure those people have something to make their content reach the skies, we have all the tricks and tips that you need to make excellent posts and engage the target follower base. Many people don’t understand the importance of having an increased follower count but if you want to know, we have the details in the section below;

  • They are helpful in creating publicity for the businesses, products, and services
  • It will help you grab the deals
  • It will help you saturate your niche and become famous in the particular domain

With the following tips, all you will earn are real Instagram followers and there will be zero bots adhered to it. The following tips are harmless and don’t pose any harm to your business image and personal information. So, have a look and get the increased follower base rolling!

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Be Regular

Nope, Instagram isn’t going to mark your attendance but to stay on the radar, you need to be regular with posting. According to the stats, an average Instagram user posts at least once a day and the accounts that manage to earn multiple followers a day, they keep them engaged by posting two to three pictures. In other words, you need to make more posts if you need to increase the follower count.

Moreover, Facebook has an algorithm that allows the businesses to increase their visibility if the posting is consistent and according to the reports, Instagram is working on a similar algorithm. Moreover, while making the posts, don’t forget to sprinkle some hashtags as they tend to become explorable and might even land on the trending page.

Use The Right Hashtags With Quality 

We all have used the hashtags to look cool but today, these hashtags have become a method to ensure there are posts with hashtags everywhere as it enhances visibility. In addition, the Instagram hashtags allow the user to create a brand image in front of the target audience and there are no headaches involved as it does on other social media platforms.

For instance, if you are looking for ways to add hashtags, you can add them at the end of the caption. As far as the numbers are concerned, 30 hashtags are allowed per post but it isn’t wise to add all 30 hashtags. According to social media experts, using 11 hashtags is the perfect amount because going overboard doesn’t take you anywhere. Moreover, you will need to choose the right hashtag that aligns with your picture.

It is better to research for similar posts and check their hashtag strategy. If the engagement was high, you can also use similar hashtags as it will help you get on the radar. There are instances when people search for the post through a hashtag and if you have used the right ones, your post will show up as well!

Say Hello To User-Generated Content

It’s needless to tell you how much people love to share their opinion and the world of Instagram and followers is no different. If you want to engage with your target follower base, you will need to communicate with them. However, the communication needs to provide value and one of the best things to do is to ask for opinions. By asking the followers for their suggestions regarding the content that they would like to see, you are adding the touch of consistency.

It is better to go with their opinions and develop user-generated content and if you want to crank up the notch, you can post the customer reviews as well. You will be able to hit the bull eye because it will tell followers that you care about their feedback and improves the brand image along with it.

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Videos Are The New Photos

Long gone the times when photos were the only content you could post on Instagram because today, Instagram allows the users to upload videos ranging from three to sixty seconds. When the video upload feature was first launched, people started using it and the count reached five million within 24 hours. According to the reports, there are 10% accounts that have been involved in uploading the video and their comments are 18% increased as compared to others.

There are many influencers and YouTubers that are taking maximum benefit of the video upload feature as it’s helping them gain engagement as well as popularity. If you have a good and captivating Instagram video, you can upload it on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook and you will be able to direct traffic there, as well!

Start Sharing 

There is no way we are asking about sharing your account details with everyone because it does nothing but harm the account. So, what we mean is that you need to use “follow like like like” trick. Through this trick, you need to follow someone and like the first three posts consecutively. These likes will grab their attention and they are highly likely to get on your profile and hit the follow button. This is one of the easiest methods to adopt and you can also start by replying to the comments and messages. In other words, all the sharing of follows and likes will make you the improvising account!

Cross-Promotion Is Your Best Friend

There are multiple instances when someone is likely to be good with thousands of followers on Facebook but is struggling with a similar domain on Instagram. The cross-promotion is all about promoting your less popular account on another social media handle that has increased follower base or where the popularity is higher. This is the cross-promotion for multiple social media platforms but it can be conducted on a similar platform as well.

For instance, you can ask your friends who have a higher follower count to give you a shoutout on their stories. This will expose your account in front of their follower base and the people who aren’t following you are highly likely to hit the follow button. You can also use the above-mentioned apps and websites to gain an increased number of followers as they are lethal and work perfectly!

The Bottom Line

This article covered all the possible ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram with websites as well as by changing the usage tricks and methodologies. But you need to be aware of the scam because it can harm the overall image and reputation of your account. Gain more tips and tricks at 10GamesLike.

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