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10 Best Games Like Club Penguin You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Club Penguin - 10 Best Games Like Club Penguin You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Club Penguin

Each player has the ownership of a unique igloo in the game. By following the map other penguin fellows can also access your igloo.

You can also buy larger igloos of your own choice. You can also upgrade the object and pieces of equipment. You also add decorations to attract other fellows.

But to make purchases you have to earn some money within the game. The developers of this game are new horizons interactive. The game consists of several other smaller games in it which you can play to earn some cash.

The game was released to the public in the year 2005.there were 30 million gamers raising it. The purpose of the game was to provide a source of entertainment for children ranging from the age of 6 to 14 years.

That way the developers had a major concern regarding the use of slang language, online bullying, and child safety. So they provide an option for safe chat, comment filtering and they kept a check on the games.

There is a language filter that works automatically. They don’t let the users make inappropriate user names.

They don’t let users share any personal details like the address and email or phone numbers. If someone tries to write those thy block it immediately. There is also an option to report any unsuitable event.

Top 10 Best Games Like Club Penguin List


This game is so similar to club penguin. This game is so popular among its users because of its interesting gameplay.

It among the top trending games all over the world. The graphics, visuals are great and reasonably detailed. The colors are bright as we know kids like bright and catchy colors.

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The gameplay occurs inside several islands. While exploring the island you come across several challenges.

You discover a number of objects that you can use if you want to. You can also find other penguins and develop good relations with them.

Animal Jam

As we all know penguins are fun-loving animals. Penguins are the cutest animals in the world which is why it becomes even more appealing to play it.

The graphics and level details are so suitable to keep you interested in the game. As the main character, you have the liberty to obtain your pet animal like the Moshi monster. You can also explore the world of snow by having them in your company.

The game features some amazing natural sceneries. This game is going to be addictive for animal lovers.

Lady Popular

The game keeps you intrigued to know what you will discover next. This is a fashion era. You have complete freedom to be innovative in your dressing style and taste.

You can dress them up according to your taste then head to competition with other players to give others similar ideas regarding fashion.

You may find fashion inspirations from other players as well. You can go shopping to upgrade your wardrobe. This game lets you have an awesome experience in the fashion world.

Our World

The game has been designed in a way that provides the user with a friendly environment because it is developed for kids.

You can choose your game avatar and its physical features. You can also gain access to some useful features and objects that might help you innovate the appearance of your character and the environment you are playing in.

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You can go to concerts and parties, make new friends, relationships or even get married or engaged if it goes serious. You can take part in several interesting activities.


The players have the complete liberty to wander and roam around the landing exploring several things. You can meet new people and be friends with them as well.

You have an option to play a number of mini-games. It is similar to a club penguin. It is specially designed for little kids considering their age, safety, brain development, level of understanding.

The kids who are at least 4 years old can manage to enjoy it and finds games suitable for them. There are strict rules for kid’s safety.

Moshi Monsters

There are several kinds of characters you can choose from. They wander around the area exploring different things.

Their appearance resembles that of small monsters. The gamers are in fact playing the role of the monsters. Children really enjoy this game.

The gameplay is not so intense rather it’s very easy and fun. In case of good performance, you will be rewarded in the form of money rank up, etc.

one thing kids might not find easy is to make new friends with strangers. That a bit of a challenge for them.

15 Smeet 3D

The game does not require any kind of downloading and installing. It saves youth the pain and provides easy access to the game through your web browser.

You can play it in a single-mode or worth several other players or your friends.

The gamers all together form a friendly online community where they help each other’s queries or take part in several games together.

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The game environment is quite soothing and relaxing as it is based in a natural atmosphere which relaxes your mind.

Club Cooee

The game is so similar to the club penguin that offers secure chat systems for younger kids to ensure their safety and to prevent them from being exposed to any kind of bad influence.

You can play several interesting games and develop your avatar based on your physical appearance to personalize it a bit more.

You can make new online friends join them in several games and matches. You can dress up and go to parties with them and hold dressing contests.

Hobo Hotel

The game is designed for young teenagers to provide them with a fun activity. There are more than 200 million players all around the world.

The game set consists of a hotel room where the main character of the game is staying. There are two separate sections of the hotel.

One of which is purely a hotel while the other one is a website section. The website section provided you updates on new pages, games forming an online community.

While the hotel is supposed to be a social space for fun activities.


You have the opportunity to design your avatar based on your personal physical features like the shape of your head, eye face, hairstyle, eye color, hair color, skin color, ethnicity, height.

Facial hair and much more. You can even upgrade your dresses and enjoy dressing up now and then you can meet new online people.

Be friends with them. Chat with them or join them for matches or other mini-games. You can hang out with them to park salon clubs and much to enjoy your new friend’s company.

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