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10 Best Games Like Civilizations You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Civilizations - 10 Best Games Like Civilizations You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Civilizations

This game is based on a series of earlier versions. The first game was released to the public in the year 1991. The development of the first game was Sid Meier.

The total number of versions of the game is six. It also includes a number of board games and spinning games. The gamers are supposed to construct, organize and plan a whole city on a huge scale.

Which ultimately lead to a different kind of civilization? You have to start from the ancient Stone Age era to the contemporary era.

You can also converse with the other online gamers in order to develop the city efficiently. All the players make a move on the given map of the city.

The players make their moves when it’s their turn. That how all the players collectively come up with a developed city. You can choose the latest and advanced technology to get better equipment, units, and constructions.

You can also play other games to be rewarded in the form of a new space ship or rank up, top-scoring, etc. each level has a unique issue to deal with in order to proceed to the next level.

You will have to deal with technology, financial crisis, religious feuds, diplomacy, etc.

Top 10 Best Games Like Civilizations List

Age of Wonders

The game is purely based on some amazing action experience, quest, venture, brain games, strategy, etc. the gameplay provides an amazing adventure based virtual experience to gamers all around the world.

The graphics and visual quality are also great. It makes you keep an interest in the game. You can play in single-player mode or multiplayer mode as well.

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Playing it with international players makes it even more interesting. You will be the main character in the game where you are supposed to explore the world around you, use your magic skills and make a kingdom.

Rise of Nations

This game is based on strategy skills. It is played in real-time. You have to be really smart and wise enough to take critical decisions based on logic and reasoning.

It can be a healthy exercise for your brain. The game plat is in a historical era. You are present in an ancient that is at the moment really small and unimportant.

You have to organize it in order to make it unforgettable throughout history. So you will be constructing wonders here and take control of the entire land. You have to build your empire.

Galactic Civilizations III

This game is also based on strategic skills. You have to make wise decisions based on logic and reasons. You are in an isolated area where you find no other human with you.

You are all alone in the space. Now you have to find a planet to fight the enemies and take control of their land in order to build your own empire there.

For that, you will need advanced equipment and technology. You can also become a part of some alien world and get to learn about them.


You come across several historical eras of the world. You travel a lot with the mission to capture as much land as you can and declare your land as one of the largest empires in the entire history of the world.

You travel to Europe, Africa, Middle East, etc. you have to take control of each and everything of your land including even the minute details.

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You have to plan, organize the city, contract new edifices, train your military, and manage your financial issues. You have to deal with politics, enemies and even the religious leaders.

Crusader Kings II

The game requires some good strategy skills. You have to be smart and have a good grip in practice and logical problems.

You have to tackle the problem with great intelligence and focus. You cannot afford foolish decision otherwise it will impact your overall gameplay.

You are present in the Middle Ages trying to battle against your worst enemies. There would be so much in the story revealed to you step by step.

You have to keep good relations with friends and even enemies for your personal interests.

Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera 

You are present in a scary era. You are in space in a different galaxy. The people here earlier were not humans they were gods who were named as endless.

They had the civilization of their own kind. Their empire was once at the peak and one could defeat them but then the time of their demise came.

Now there are only leftovers, ruins, and artifacts. You also find something magical called dust. Now in this environment, you have to make smart decisions to make your people comfortable here.


This game is an amazing opportunity for the gamers to explore the cities and natural beauty of china in a virtual for. you get to explore the lush forests, deserts, and beautiful sceneries.

You experience being close to the world-famous landmarks like the Great Wall of China. You get to fight enemies in these areas to mark the land as your territory.

You can eradicate the earlier dynasties and control the natives under your rule. You can advance in technology, politics, management of the city, army, etc.

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Age of Empires

This is a game that requires some serious game skills to form the player. The environment of the game is based in Atlantis.

The main focus of the game is inspired by ancient’s myths of Greeks, Egyptians, nurses, and others. It acknowledges the famous incidents that took place in historical eras.

The main gameplay consists of the player trying to keep a balance of military services and equal management of available resources.

You can select your favorite civilization between Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Players have to play by the rules and cultural values of that era and civilization.


This is a game also requires some strategic skills to form the players. It is a fantasy game of civilization. It allows the players to play the role of a strong fighter.

He has a motive to acquire as much power as he can. For this, he is supposed to face several mighty enemies.

But once he manages to defeat his greatest opponents he will be able to build his own empire and be among the greatest rulers of the world.

For this, you have to face a number of big and small battles all based on strategies, power, and level of intelligence.


This game teaches you the basic principles and skills require from an urban planner. You have to organize and manage a piece of land efficiently to make it a city.

You have to design your future livable city which will be your colony. You can introduce some huge and lavish residential societies inside a megacity.

You have to be smart and wise enough to be able to manage the resources that should be equally accessible to all the inhabitants. It is an amazing simulation game.

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