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Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Space Games - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Space Games 

Space the final frontier, funnily for games it was one of the earliest frontiers tackled with games like space invaders that kickstarted the Atari Era. Space has been a land of wonder and mystery and true, we’ve learned a lot about our galaxies, still, it’s where our fantasies take the best shape in fiction and games take those fantasies to the next level letting you experience the fantasy elements of space Life. Whether it’s blasting Aliens guts, exploring new planets, running colonies or just straight up the captain of your stargazing fleet, there’s a space game for everyone that they can get lost in, thankfully not in space. They say the sky is the limit but over here, space is limitless so why don’t you aim for that while taking part in these out of the world games!

Top 10 Best Space Games List

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped up games of 2016 but unfortunately didn’t live up to the mark and received heavy backlash due to failure to live up to those demands. Safe to say, Indie Developer Hello Games learned their lesson and pumped update after update and now No Man’s Sky is a fun game to play. The beyond update overhauled the whole game and came with many features such as almost infinite inventory space, VR support, and more multiplayer support than ever before. With it’s procedural generated planets and galaxies, you have over 18 quintillion planets to explore from, the whole world will have constructed commercial spaceships by the time you’re done exploring even half of the planets. Collect space rocks, discover a new breed of species of extraterrestrial creatures and have space battles to fully enjoy the over-amped experience that No Man’s sky offers you.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Explore and Discover what secrets your galaxy holds in outer wilds as you drift from planet to planet discovering it’s secrets and clues before being reset to your starting point. Exploring the different worlds that outer wilds has to offer, you are tasked with the goal of finding alien texts and piece them together as best as you can. There is nothing cut clear to you and you have to figure out the puzzles yourself. The sheer ambiguity of it all is where it’s really rewarding when you figure out how each planet works, puzzle clues to find the next key moment, it wants you to eureka. Out of the 5 worlds, you’ll explore, you’ll find each world has it’s own laws of physics and can really make you feel like an explorer on worlds straight of science fiction. Let’s see how good of a space sherlock you are when you decide to pick this up and decode it with the various clues you’ll be given, Happy clue hunting!

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

One of Xbox 360’s biggest game on console, this game is your space RPG to go. There isn’t much space battles or action to be enjoyed in the game but the strength lies with the characters, interactions, and story. You are commander shepherd, who’s in control of his fleet of a starship who’s tasked with exploring the galaxies and battling reapers, the universe’s bad guys. The dialogue wheel is extremely engrossing and it gives you many options to choose from on how to speak with characters and build relationships further on. You may even unlock the romance options depending on your interactions and decisions in the game. In short, RPG starship simulator without the space battles but packed with everything else.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Obsidian games, know for their RPG games such as the original 2 Fallout games and New Vegas, come with their new IP Outer Worlds. Not to be confused with Outer wilds, this game is a light-hearted trip through divided open-world areas where you gather your crew, join factions, build up your character, choose perks that’ll help you out and get bigger and cooler that you can spill alien guts with. With the games retro-futuristic aesthetics and dark humor prevalent everywhere, it’s really a sidestep from your other space games. There are your standard fetch quests where you bring something science related to the quest giver and have to make a moral decision at the end. The tradeoff system by getting a weakness for special unlocks to wield guns keeps you in check by not becoming overpowered at the end of the game. As with any Obsidian game, you have the stat sheet where you invest points as you level up for more perks and bonuses. The crew you ride with are interesting, with great backstories that’ll have you connect with them with their unique personalities and them helping you out on your various missions brings a flavor of interaction that is most enjoyable. Your quest to explore these worlds will be full of humor, moral choices and fun vaporizing of foes and aliens alike.

Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Desperation, willpower, and luck, lots of luck are what define Faster than light, a real-time strategy game that pushes decision making to the limit. You are a messenger, delivering information to your allies while light jumping from one point to another while being chased by enemy fleets. With every second, the enemy fleets get closer and are on a mission to destroy your fleet. Even if you defeat them, death is always there, killing you if you didn’t manage your resources carefully. You have to micromanage everything, for example, letting down your barriers to shoot your enemies down, destroy their drones that are constantly attacking you or attack the main enemy fleet head-on, a fire might have broken out where you have to open the airlock to stop the fire from spreading but also wasting your oxygen levels. It’s decisions like these where FTL makes it exciting and disastrously fun to play with at the same time.

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Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Real-time strategy coupled with the nation-building attributes of 4X games makes this game an expansionist game of a kind. You start off of a planet of your own and then you have to expand from there. You have to make outposts, employ defense systems then call upon fleets of different battleships to your aid. Small games may take you hours and some games may take you longer than that as your fight antagonists that are halting your growth by send a flurry of ships there way or make diplomatic decisions that halt the oncoming bloodshed for a little longer. When the battles become expansive and just a cluster of ships upon ships, it gets difficult to strategize but it’s still enjoyable to watch as sheer numbers win at the end of the day. If you wanted to be a space monarch, this game gives you the chance to do just that.


Observation - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Let’s take Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey, mix them and make them into a game. Your space station, observation has broken from Earth’s orbit and has drifted 900 million miles away from Earth, essentially near Saturn. The only surviving crew member is Dr. Fischer as she employs help from the suddenly self-aware AI that’s named SAM. You play as SAM and the whole space station is an extension of you. You have to help Emma Fischer discover what happened to the crew and somehow make your way back to Earth. The game is mostly silent which amplifies the atmosphere of dread and vastness of space. The puzzles are easy and fun to engage in and you won’t be stuck at one for long. The game will have roughly 6 hours of gameplay to your name and it’s in the end where the whole story wraps up nicely to give you a space treat in the name of observation.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars 1 - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

Put Elon Musk to shame as you colonize and manage your ever-growing Mars colony which science fiction writers have been dreaming of for centuries. Earth has been destroyed and now It’s your job to save the last batch of humans and help them prosper in their new home. You have to look out for water reserves, food reserves, oxygen tanks, domes cracking and even civil unrest. You have to build a variety of building that function for different purposes and make sure your population is happy. This game marries survival and city-building on a harmonious level that can only be enjoyed by real managers.

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Tacoma - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

You’re an expert AI communication specialist and you’ve been sent to Tacoma Lunar transfer station to investigate what went wrong at the space station. Through the eyes of Odin, an AI that was tasked to monitor, record and communicate with the 8 members aboard the station, you steadily get to know the crew members through augmented recordings and find out what type of rash decisions the crew was making with their dwindling oxygen supply. You take your time to examine each of the crew members, their personalities and the plights they share as you slowly progress through the game. The story of the characters and their interactions is what makes Tacoma a short ride but nevertheless enjoyable.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online - Top 10 Best Space Games You Must Play in 2020

After the hit movie, a star trek MMO game was released and it wasn’t smooth but with as any bad releases on this list, they seek redemption by giving it worthy updates. This game is one of the best MMORPG’s out there now due to many factors. You can choose from 3 classes and have fun hours customizing your character. You can choose pre-set race or make one of your own. The game is divided into two parts, space battles, and ground combat. With the space battles, you fly your ship and essentially blast your enemies into the vacuum of space. Ground combat is a bit clunky and is on the weaker side of the game. It’s pretty, it has a ton of star trek references and with the recent update you’ll learn what led to the first episode of Star Trek, so there’s a treat for everyone.

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