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Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Simulation Games - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Simulation Games

Simulations offer you the chance to do what you’ve always dreamed of, becoming a pilot, soldier, farmer, train driver and many more, sure other games offer you that but simulators give you the in-depth experience. They don’t offer the fun part of the game but the dopamine surges that come when you’ve got to complete a hard task, after all, they are simulators, they want it to be as real as possible. Simulators might not be the best sellers but they sure let you experience stuff unlike anything else on a computer. With communities providing modding support, detailed tutorials, they get you as close to the real deal.

Top 10 Best Simulation Games List

War Thunder

War Thunder - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

World War 2 games always offer great excitement no matter which side you’re fighting for. They always give you straight, hardcore and fast gameplay and War Thunder deliver. You are given any of the three armored vehicular options, aircraft, naval operations or drive tanks. You can select from American, Japanese, Russian, German, English, French, Italian, Chinese or Swedish armies and their respective military vehicles. This game is an MMO that you can quickly dive into and the best part is that it is a cross-console play which means all the consoles in which it’s available, all play in the same servers, which make it easier for PC players to take them out though. You can take to the skies and rain fire on your foes, take the various naval ships and raise your cannons on your enemy’s battleships or join the tank divisions on the ground for fast and decisive gameplay. The rule is to fire first, normally, those are the teams that win. All things are considered, with all these features and exciting gameplay elements, it’s free to play on Steam which makes it a must-play.

Train Sim World

Train Sim World - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

The original Train Simulator gave birth to this newest iteration of maintaining your train and all the perks that come with it. During Beta Release, it had a rough start but their developer Dovetail has been persistently pumping out updates upon updates that resulted in four versions and the latest version, Train Sim World is the best and most up to date one available. It has 4 routes that you choose from. You’ll have to start, slow down, speed up and halt at different train stations to refill your giant metal carrier. The aesthetics of the game are pleasing and picturesque and honestly enjoying the ride whether it’s in the open German routes or the towering skyscrapers of New York, you always get lost in the long rides to your destinations.

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Railway Empire

Railway Empire - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

The difference between Train Sims and Railway System is that the Railway Empire is more of a management game, plus it’s set in olden times of the American railway system. Engross yourself during the Wild West Area where the railway system was evolving in the North of America and it’s your job to make it as glorious as it is today. You have accurately modeled trains from the Wild West Era, and you can equip and start them off on your tracks. You build your railway company up from scratch, laying down the multiple track systems and stations along the way, controlling the workforce and steadily upgrading and implementing new technologies. There are other factors that you have to look out for such as terrain, switches on the tracks, bridges, etc that’ll have you decide your next course of action. You are at the birth of the American railway union and it’s your job to show why it was one of the biggest labor unions of that time.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Have you ever wanted to go to space and be an astronaut? Of course, you have but what if you were given the chance to design your very own spacecraft to go to Mars. A game which has been given a thumbs up by Elon Musk himself and the leading organization of space travel, NASA, you know there’s something special. This game is extremely detailed in its physics engine and has all the parts that a space engineer can think of. You match various parts of the rocket to ultimately launch into space and once the countdown hits zero, it’s LIFT OFF. The game abides by Newton’s laws and dynamics so it’s as close as your going to get in terms of physics-based rocket launching simulation. With a rough understanding of physics and soon to be earnt rocket engineering, you are going to enjoy the various contraptions that might or might not resemble rockets, either way, you’ll have fun out of this world.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Every year this franchise releases a new game and the Farming simulator brings new trucks, crops and updated graphics to the table. The locations of this game are inspired by American and European farms. You’re a farmer who’s put in an open world and has to upgrade and expand your outdated farm and the machines you’re given. As basic as it gets, you have to grow, care and harvest various crops and sell them to slowly and steadily grow your farm, whether in size, profit or machines. You’ll have a multitude of missions that you have to complete that’ll reward you on your performance and how fast you do them. If you’re bored of growing crops yourself, you can have a friend join in to help you out in its a multiplayer option. It ain’t much but it’s honest work, huh?

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Dirt Rally 

Dirt Rally  - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Bringing the dirt racing to perfection comes Dirt Rally into the mix. It implements a new handling model that is better than the arcadic feel of the previous Dirt Games. Players are taken to compete on carpeted roads or the much more fun off-road terrain in varying weather conditions that’ll bring out the real driver inside all of us. You have 40 cards you can choose from and trust me, the number seems small but it takes a while before you can even fully master one. On Steam this game has a 92% user steam score and it shows. So strap your seatbelt, grab your steering wheel and push the accelerator to the max and get dirt all over your car in this thrilling installment in the Dirt Series.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Released with the main title Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter conquered the Android department back in 2015 and it’s relevant and fun to play even today. It takes Fallout’s humor on nuclear apocalypse and excellent freemium strategy to build and improve your vault. You are the Overseer, a post that involves looking after the survivors of the aftermath of the bombs dropping. You have to employ the various vault dwellers to provide energy, food, and electricity to keep the vault going. You steadily collect caps by completing missions and keep improving the vault which will let you expand down even further. You can send your vault developers outside to collect various rewards and weapons to defend your vault from external threats. You can increase the population by making them have babies that’ll grow up and become helpful members of the vault. With all of these features, you’ll have to manage your vault to make it the biggest and thriving vault out there.

Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Flight simulators always give you the feeling of bliss by giving you a bird’s eye view of the world and the beautiful landscape you can see on that altitude. You have the option of choosing from 35 different aircraft (18 of them you’ll have to purchase within the app) with 14 areas you can breeze through with your wings in the sky. You can also pay for multiplayer to have a whole pilot party flying through the skies. There are achievements and stuff like that in here too. It might be on the bit pricey side but it’s worth it for a game this pretty on the Android.

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The Escapists 2 

The Escapists 2  - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows (Both from prison break) must’ve played this game to get inspired to break out of prison. This game demands strategies to employed and with the addition of simulation, it becomes a great time to play. You live in a prison, doing various activities, like eating at the cafeteria, going into the yard for exercise, going to the library to read your books and stuff like that but behind all that good behavior, you’re actually planning your escape. The game gives you 11 prisons to escape from and gives you a variety of ways and tricks you can employ to successfully break out. You have to blend into prison life, stay out of the radar of the guards to maximize your escape.


ARMA 3 - Top 10 Best Simulation Games You Must Play in 2020

This game throws you into the battlefield and basically makes you think like a real soldier. It doesn’t smother to your usual casual style of war games but instead focusses on immersion and realism as no other war game has done. You just don’t go out and draw your weapon and go guns blazing, you have to move as a unit and tactically tackle every situation that comes in your way. The realism is so real that cuts of this game have been mistakenly been used in news outlets. No wonder Steam Users have invested thousands of hours into this game and it seems this game is still going slow.

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