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Top 10 Best Pokemon Fan Games List in 2020

Best Pokemon Fan Games – If you are a professional gamer and want to play the Pokemon games. You want to find the tips, guides, and hidden features of Pokemon. This article will help you in searching for all of this.

Best Pokemon Fan Games - Top 10 Best Pokemon Fan Games List in 2020

If you are a pokemon fan, then this article will exceptionally be tremendously helpful for you if u are get bored from the old games and like to try some new competition. Then the Pokemon is the best option if you want to become a master in a pokemon game. This article will help you in doing that.

The Ultimate List Of Best Pokémon Fan Games

  • Pokémon Uranium
  • Pokémon Phoenix Rising
  • Pokémon Insurgence
  • Pokémon Clockwork
  • Pokémon Reborn
  • Pokémon Rejuvenation
  • Pokémon Fire Ash
  • Pokémon Prism
  • Pokémon Sage
  • Pokémon MMO 3D

The Best Pokemon Fan Games

1. Pokémon Uranium

The first game is the pokemon uranium, and it was best for the fan ever made. We’ll begin our list with one of the best Pokemon fan games ever made. It was released in 2016 and developed for nine years.

This game was focused on a story of little Pokemon, this little Pokemon trying to uncover the truth. The truth of nuclear expansion was in the region of Tandor.

This region has 150 pokemon that are original. These Pokemon are with a unique nuclear type. This was of the considerable amount that has the hidden powers that are massively untapped from potential.

The environment of this game was powered by an RPG Maker XP, and this gaming engine offers endless fresh content that included the legendry tandoor league and the eighth new gyms.

The main game is to find the cause of an abnormality of uranium, so get ready to harness the nuclear options that are available to defend a region of inhabitants.

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2. Pokémon Phoenix Rising

This game of the pokemon RPG is made by the phoenix to give rise to the episodic fans. It was developed by the Pokemon Essentials engine and Playing Game Maker XP. It is one of the best pokemon games. I hope you will feel happy to play it and enjoy to play.

The plot of this game is started from the Hawthorne region. It has been devasted by warfare. The purpose is to make peace on the earth. The order is brought by the legendry Ho-oh back and also harness the power to overcome all tyrannical rulers.

After the Pokemon mechanics, the Pokémon Phoenix Rising t is also a fan-made game. It will enhance the tight skill trees, elite PokeStrap, and quest also.

You will also discover new unexplored towns, storylines, and all-new Pokemon.

The pilot episode of this game was rereleased in 2018and the next episode is developing.

3. Pokémon Insurgence

It is another formidable entry in the list of Pokemon fan games—this all for 2020 and beyond.

The RPG Maker XP engine created Pokémon Insurgence, and it starts from the developer. Those are Pokemon Zeta, Omicron, and another brilliant Pokemon Fangame; it was not on the list.

It will take you to the new location that is known as Torren region, or you will see yourself traveling around the world on a war that is held between pokemon-worshipping cults that are seen to be dominant on the entire population.

4. Pokémon Clockwork

The Pokemon Essentials developed play Pokémon Clockwork. It is one of the best games to play.

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It was a story, travel on the rural Rosari region. In this region, Pokemon and humans are live together.

The objective is given to you by the legendary of Pokemon Celebi. The mission of you is very clear, and you have to attempt the tasks that are provided by Team Epsilon and complete all the evil plans.

The lovers of this will be love to discover the Clockwork features and its generation from 1 to 4 and also introduce many unique features like time travel machine, quest system, gameplay rebalancing, active evolutions of Pokemon, and the new moves that are used during a battle.

5. Pokémon Reborn

It is a new game, and its developers are RPG Marker and XP engine. It is entirely different from other games of Pokemon that were the ROM hacks . in this game, and you will see a lot of customizable Pokemon, colors, high resolution, a vast virtual world, and the game time of 55 hours.

The environment of this game is filled with smog and acid. It is full of polluted water. The rates of crimes are high. And the most exciting thing is that you are a hero in this plot of the game.

6. Pokémon Rejuvenation

Pokémon Rejuvenation is also the best game from the Pokemon series, the developers of Pokemon Reborn also developed it, that’s why it has similar features. The plot is of the Aevum region.

Players play this game in that region -this region is a united and strong nation. This region is devasted in the Storm-9. That was the great calamity. And the resident of this region are now rebuilding the region and made their homelands to get peace.

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7. Pokémon Fire Ash

This game is focused on the explosion of ash Ketchum that starts from the pokemon anime series. This game has 800 cute pokemon, of 1 to 7+ expansions. The main objective of this game is to control the ash on the mission to defeat the league of indigo and help to develop it into the pokemon master.

In this game, you are traveling in the region that is full of fire. The travelers include the 50 leaders of the gym and the other rivals and buddies.

8. Pokémon Prism

Pokemon Prism is similar to Pokemon Brown, and it is the unique version of ROM-hacked like the Pokemon Red.

This game started as a prism, the son of the lance is playing in a mine wagon . after some time, they lose the control on wagon and start driving on an unknown track. You are there in Naljo district to fixated industrialization.

9. Pokémon Sage

It is one of the top-rated games of Pokemon fan-made.

The main objective of this game is to craft a new set of Pokemon as a combine gaming project.

The developer makes a complete root, and it was the reason for this game’s popularity.

The platform of this game is Urobos that is a Latin America-inspired region, and you are going on the new voyage to develop yourself into a Pokemon master.

10. Pokémon MMO 3D

The gameplay of this game is quite fascinating. In a battle, you have full control of the attack and movement of Pokemon.

Every move has a different cooldown, and the Pokemon choose it to run away from a struggle if they feel too low to continue.

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