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Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020 - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

An Overview of Best PC Racing Games

To be the fastest, it’s always a driver’s thrill, to be in control, it’s always a driver’s need, now when you combine those two you get racing games and the rest is history. Appealing to a large demographics, mostly young males, these games pump adrenaline levels to new heights as you have to be quick on your toes to react to the slightest change in acceleration or objects on the roads in front. These games come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are ultrarealistic and handle like any real car, some of them rely on achieving mach speeds and beating the competition, some of them are cartoonish racing, some of them make you drive the cars like you can’t in real life by drifting, crashing into object, ya know, the works. These games are part of a humongous genre and you’ll see why that’s the case.

Top 10 Best PC Racing Games List

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Playground Games have released a game that works between simulation and arcade. It gives you the keys and lets you drive in the open world of the UK. Giving you the list of 400 cars that you can drive and races upon races you can take part in. Every action you do in this game is rewarded in the form of credits. You use those credits to buy from the huge roster of cars, clothes, and houses to store your cars in. Influence points also play a key part that gives you a higher standing in the festival, it’s almost like the game is saying, “you’re a winner as long as you’re driving”. You’ve got different weathers that affects your driving, when it’s raining, snowing or just plain sunny. There are 72 players joining you in the online mode. Overall, Forza Horizon 4 gives you a lot to do before you even think of the word bored.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Let’s get on bikes and rev the smaller engine in the list and take it for the ride of spins, tricks and daring hoops where we’ll have to clear the level as elegantly as you can. This game is in 2.5D and it gives you 60 levels to traverse, each getting harder and harder with every ramp, edge, and loop you come across. You’ll start out easily, with easy levels more designed to be training wheels. With every level passed, the game will demand more and more from you and the curve will spike up before you know it. The gameplay constantly pushes you to learn makes you play at your limits where some levels have to be passed by doing specific tricks and not just timing and speed alone. User-generated content is a new feature where you can design and upload your custom-built tracks and you can gain experience by completing your peer’s designed tracks. You’ll be pulling out tricks left and right with this installment in the franchise and will be the daredevil you were always born to be.

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Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Competition is the name of the game in this series installment of NFS. The thrill of the race is what this game focuses on as the whole city is your track that you need to race on. Fairhaven is the place where you’ll become the racer you were born to be. The only way to unlock the cars in this game is by exploring every nook and cranny of this urban jungle. You’ll be discovering races and rivals all around this city. Each car has it’s own feel, an Austin Martin won’t drive like decked out Nissan. This game is action and speed incarnate and you’ll know what it means to the speediest rider this side of Fairhaven.

Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Mario Kart with Sega’s splash on the formula and you have Sega All-Star Racing. You have Sega’s biggest mascots racing each other in maybe the greatest crossover racing game of all time. You’ve got Sonic and his posy with him, Billy Hatcher, Beat, Amigo, Alex Kidd and many more as a big roster of Sega’s favorite title characters are present. There are boxes that help you or deter other players near your vicinity. You’re also given the ability to boost that are character-specific and are always a treat to see. Each track handles differently and you’ll need to change your playstyle for each of these race tracks. It’s a Sega’s fan dream come true as you race through the Sega inspired levels.

F1 2011

F1 2011 - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

One of the most intense racing sports in real life, which is equivalent in terms of riding a jet, comes to life in the F1 series second installment (and debatably the best one in the series) as you climb your way from a rookie to World Champion. For this game, as 2011’s real-world rules changed in F1, they did so in the game, allowing Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a type of boost in layman terms and Drag Reducing System, reducing drag and timing is key in both of them. With the use of these new features, the game is changed in small terms but in F1, every little change count. You’ll have to plan your races by noting the weather conditions and prepare yourself accordingly. In online mode, there are 24 cars, 16 of real people and 8 AI. There’s also a co-op career mode where you battle it out for the manager’s favorite F1 racer. All in all, this is one of the most engaging installment in the F1 series and lets you live out the life and times of an F1 driver.

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Blur - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Another take on the Mario Kart formula, you use real cars to pick up items to help yourself win and make the other player rage and make him throw his controller out of the building. There are 8 power-ups that you use to advantage and timing is key. The emphasis on stunts in this game is what gets fans excited, that and getting other players thrown off the map. To get ahead you’ll have to go above and beyond, performing some trick, going airborne or drift, drift and drift. The presentation of this game is to die for and it feels like a movie directed by Michael Bay with the amount of mayhem that is going on, a racing movie you no doubt are going to enjoy.

Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

The original Mario Kart is good and all but what if two people were controlling the same car? Now that’s an idea that hasn’t been tested till now. This game took that risk and was immensely rewarded for that. With another seat in your trusty cart, co-operative gameplay was introduced and very much well received by the fans. The other Mario Kart elements are there, racing, collecting items and being a thorn in the other racers tires but now you’ve divided the burden when one player is handling the driving and the other one is handling the items, making communication essential if they want to win. This feels like Super Mario Bros. co-op mechanic but even more dependent and fun to play in.

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Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

Your dropped in paradise city and from there the world is yours. You start out pretty slow (as in you’ve got a slow car) and it’s your job to explore the city and partake in the multiple events in the city. The events range from Races, Road Rage, Marked Man, Stunts or Burning Route. You know what to do in races. In Road rages, if you want carnage, this is the mode for you, you crash into cars, leaving as much destruction in your wake to rack up points. Marked man is a chase where cars essentially are tasked to take you out before you reach your goal. Stunts are self-descriptive, you’ll have to do a set of tasks, all movie style to gain points and the Burning route is essentially a time attack. The open game and the myriad of events given to us are what make this game shine in the burnout franchise.

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

The epitome of cops and robber formula Need for Speed gives you the narrative of both of them. You can choose to either be a cop that’ll tackle racers and chase them down till they give in to your constant thrashing or you can choose to be the typical racer and outrace your rivals and cops that’ll be chasing you. It gives the RPG element, which wasn’t present in the previous games. You can have friends join without leaving your game and can have them either catch the speeding culprits or be the speed demons themselves as you try to escape the chasing cops that would be hot on your tail.

Driver San Francisco

Driver San Francisco - Top 10 Best PC Racing Games You Should Play in 2020

A very story-driven game, Driver brings your run off the mill races, drifts, crashes and new mechanic that surprisingly checks out called shifting. In hindsight, you use shifting, you change cars without even stepping out of your car. The shift ability is explained in the story and doesn’t worry there aren’t any spoilers but you could say that you shift consciousness to different drivers that help you complete your tasks. This added diversity to missions and has you constantly thinking of new plans to beat the task at hand. This game is different from other racers due to this mechanic and it’s why it’s so enjoyable too.

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