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Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Original Xbox Games

This was Microsoft’s first step into the world of Home Console Gaming and safe to say, they took a step in the right direction, forever cementing themselves as one of the major 3 console gaming manufacturing companies that the modern world is seeing. It was big, bulky, heavy and rightfully so. It was the first console to have an inbuilt Hard disk and it’s graphically powerful enough as it had a 733 MHZ Intel Pentium III processor built in it. It also provided Xbox Live support through an integrated Ethernet port. It allowed the subscribers to connect with other gamers over the internet and download new content that other companies like Sega and Sony did not provide. Other than that blockbuster titles like Halo 2 set the Xbox well on it’s way to making more Xbox successors. Some of the game of the era are listed as:

Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games List

Spider Man 2

Spider Man 2 - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Listed as one of the best superhero games to date, Spider Man 2 puts you in the shoes of peter parker from the loosely adapted Spider Man 2 movie. Just like in the movie sector, the second installment is the most popular among the fans. This game, for the first time, puts spider man in an open world, bustling Manhattan. You can explore, collect items, complete missions or just complete the main storyline. The feel of web-swinging that the company, Trey arch implemented is still critically acclaimed even today and once you master how to swing through the Manhattan skyline, you’ll finally realize why Spider-Man loves to do what he does. You’ll face different Supervillains from Spider-Man’s list of rouges and defeat the Evil Doctor octopus if you’ve seen the movie, you already know how it ends.

Burnout 3: Takedown

Burnout 3 Takedown - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

If you want to play Monster truck racing in the body of these sleek sports cars, pick this game up. Plain old racing was boring enough, so the developers of burnout decided to mix up the formula and decided to add crashing your rivals from the race clean off the road. Mad Max will be put to shame with the amount of racing destruction you’ll cause. The more you cause mayhem on the road and on your rivals, the more points you’ll accumulate, which you’ll use to buy new cars. Crash, Race and finish the race, that’s what it’s all about.

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Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Forza Motorsport took the racing formula and raised the dial to maximum on realism and gameplay. In most games, you have some unrealistic gameplay mechanics that don’t please some audiences but Forza Motorsport does not disappoint in that field. If you wanted to drive your favorite car on beautiful tracks and not deal with un-realism then Forza delivers. Cars enthusiasts revel in this game with realistic physics, improved graphics compared to other big racing games like Gran Turismo and improved online play, each race feels like you yourself are put in the driving seat, no wonder why this game is a star in the Racing game genre.


Fable - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

There was a lot of hype to this game, being promised as open-ended experience but sadly it disappointed and gave us a future lesson to hold on to not give in to the hype but it still has it’s the charm. It’s an Action RPG with your usual mill quest/ reward system. Its main storyline is fairly short but Its sided activities are where the game shines. You also have the option of aligning your character to be a villain or be the Hero you were destined to be. How you complete the quest, your actions on others and even to the food you eat will determine what kind of alignment your protagonist will have. Watching your player grow up, develop and generally see him progress through his life, gives you a sense of connection to the hero and honestly, that’s one of the things that stays.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Brothers in Arms never disappoint in its engaging storytelling where even War Veterans will start crying reminiscent of their days in the great catastrophe that was World War II. Where most games focus on one person cutting down endless Nazi hordes, honestly making you a one-man army, Road to Hill 30 makes you stop, think and plan and give orders to your team to effectively take down any battalion that comes your way. With it’s focused on action, character interaction and storytelling, this game will stick with you and give you at least a shred of what it was like in those dreary times.

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Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time

Prince of Persia Sands Of Time - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Ubisoft’s crowned prince in the literal sense blows critics and gamers alike with a variety of things. A prince whose caught in a magical curse due to his Vizier (Honestly, why are al Vizier’s shown as bad guys?) breaking the Sand Glass and turning everyone in the palace into monsters but imbues the prince with time-manipulating powers. The game’s combat is just amazing, giving you a variety of options on how to take down your foes, flashy combos and using the powers of time equals a fun combat system. Traversing the palace is as fun as it gets as this game introduces parkour which is always welcome in any game. Now he must defeat the Vizier with his time manipulation powers, save his love and restore the order that his Enemy had disturbed.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Bethesda is a powerhouse in the field of Open-World RPG’s with the Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series being the defining RPG’s of open World Games. You are a prophesied hero that will save the province of Morrowing in the continent of Tamriel from literal Gods. This game offers you total freedom, you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want and gives you open hand on how you want to develop your character, whether you want to make him a powerful mage, an ax-wielding warrior or a stealthy archer assassin. The choice is yours, the world is yours and the story is yours. Morrowind is still considered the most expansive in the Elder scrolls Universe and it’s a sense of adventure that will fill you to the brim.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

One of the most beloved entries of Grand Theft Auto, the game has certainly aged in terms of graphics but it’s still fun to play as it was so many years ago. It starts you off as a gangster, CJ, who’s caught up in a multitude of story threads. While its successors focus on serious elements, this game is hats off crazy. You have the open world to yourself, you can go anywhere you want, buy yourself some sweet clothes, different automobiles, weapons of your personal liking, the choice is yours. The quests are enjoyable as they come and will get even more enjoyable as you progress through the game. This is a staple of many gamers’ lives and once you’ll play it, you’ll see why.

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

The game takes place a millennium far far away before the events of the movies occur. You can explore the galaxy as a lightsabre wielding Jedi (who doesn’t want that?) while the galaxy is caught between the Republic and the Empire. As with most games, you wake up with amnesia who has a dark secret that’ll be uncovered as the game progresses. You travel to every celestial body that’s presented to you and decide how you deal with the problems faced their and best of all you fight through waves of enemies with your lightsabre and cool Force powers. The conversations are engaging, the characters are solid and the gameplay is spectacular. What else do you need to feel like you’re a real-life Jedi?

Halo 2

Halo 2 - Top 10 Best Original Xbox Games You Must Play in 2020

Part of the behemoth trilogy that defined the first-person shooter genre, Halo 2 is a king among its relevant titles. The plot was improved, you can high jack different vehicles, you can wield two weapons at the same time improving the already engaging action, plus the graphics were given a big upgrade. Master chief really shines in this installment. This game defined what the online multiplayer games would look like in the future. This chunk of this masterpiece is what people remember this game for, the 16 player matches that formed friendships, made rivalries and commenced online tournaments all around the world. The original Xbox’s star masterpiece, this game is certainly not one you can pass up.

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