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Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Nintendo 64 Game

In terms of gaming consoles, N64 is one of the most beloved consoles ever produced. It gives us games that are still talked about today, games that laid the groundwork on which future titles were to be based on. It revolutionized the standard at which games were to be made and played. It gave other franchises, other than Mario, to shine and soar through the gaming industry. Many gamers in their childhoods played this console, and it was the item of envy in many neighborhoods. It brought many 2-D titles into the 3-D foreground, and it’s all history from there on out.

Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game List

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

Surprisingly this is the only 3-D Donkey Game that has been published in the entire series! That’s something to be said even though this game is one of the best platformers out there. Plus, this game was so huge that it had to equip the Expansion Pak to use the extra memory, essentially making it the original DLC. Donkey Kong traverses through DK Isles, where King Rool has kidnapped Kong’s friends, and naturally, it’s your job to get them back. Once you’ve completed the game, you can enjoy backtracking to find collectibles and unlock the other playable characters. Each character has it’s own style of play, making replaying the levels even more fun. If you’re tired, you can challenge your friends, up to 4 players, to a deathmatch, blasting each other with various fruits. With so many features for its time, it’s hard to believe Nintendo didn’t follow up with a 3-D sequel.

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

This was the original crossover everyone talked about where Nintendo pulled characters from 10 different series such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Falcon, captain Fox, Pikachu, Link, and many others. You’re forced to do battle between each other in the iconic stages from these games were taken, there is a damage meter that goes up to 999%, and your job is to knock the other players off the arena that has open boundary and the higher the damage percentage, the easier It is to knock them off the arena. Each character has their unique style of play with their special attacks, even with their own weight, which would help them in recovering from being thrown off the map. With easy button combinations, the gameplay was fun and quick, no wonder it spawned one of the World’s favorite brawler series, which the whole family could enjoy.

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Duke Nukem 64

Duke Nukem 64 - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

Originally, a port of Duke Nukem 3-D gave the N64 a great first-person shooter on its plate. Even though the game was toned down significantly, it was still labeled with the Mature rating and was one of the violent games to hit the console. Anything that could be destroyed, was to be blown up, shredded or reduced to smithereens. Enemies were near endless and it kept the player persistent and excited throughout. Jam-packed full of action, this game amped it up by introducing co-op mode which meant you could double the destruction and chaos. If you like action, pop culture references and destruction of every waking thing in your way then this is the game to satisfy all that and your nostalgia at the same time.

Golden Eye 007

Golden Eye 007 - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

Based on the film, released in 1995, this game released with massive critical acclaim. You were put in the shoes of James Bonds (who wouldn’t want that to be honest?) and were tasked to stop the terrorist organization that was set on using the golden eye satellite on the great city of London. It was part of the games that introduced open,3-D First Person Shooter on the consoles; these levels gave the players the leisure of exploring the levels at their own pace. The multiplayer was this game’s strong suit. The spilled Screen deathmatch mode of this game was highly addictive, letting you play 4 players at the same time with 20 levels to choose from. There were several game modes to choose from in multiplayer, which were clever nodes to Bond Movies or phrases, making you feel like a classy spy that had the license to kill.

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

Yes, this is a game where you shoot Pokemon, with your camera, of course. If you loved Pokemon and have any basic knowledge of photography, then you’ll love this game. You are a Pokemon photographer, named Todd Snapp and are tasked by the famous Pokemon professor, Oak, who’s told you to take photos to help him in his research. You’re taken on a roller coaster ride, throughout different levels, taking photographs of pokemon, doing their usual activities. At the end of each ride, you select some photos to show the professor and depending on many factors; you’ll be graded on it. Factors include the framing of the pokemon in question, the poses they’ve made if any other pokemon was in the frame or not. Different playthroughs were needed to become a Pokemon Master Photographer as there were many branching paths, some obscure pokemon, and certain opportunities that would appear. So like any photographer, time was essential to invest to get the perfect click.

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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

The game that set the standard for future 3-D platformers, this game was and still is a behemoth to play. It launches Nintendo’s mascot Mario into the 3-D genre for the first time and safe to say, Mario, knocked it out of the park. Princess peach is kidnapped again and Mario must collect 120 gold stars littered throughout Princess Peach’s castle. A lot of power-ups are still in this game, it’s a lot more fun to jump on baddies with the 3-D models than it is in 2-D. You can backflip, triple flip and even wall jump, making Mario more of an acrobat than a plumber in this game. This game launched the N64 up to the skies with its sales, and it remains as one the greatest gaming titles of all time.

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

This game is a pack full of nostalgia and rightfully so, it’s so good to play. It’s one of the racing games that you keep coming back to. It has 8 playable characters such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and many more. You can enter the Grand Prix or race each other in multiplayer mode. You can enter any four cups which each with its own four courses. The power-ups were the must grab, as you use them to stop other players from even thinking of passing you. There were red shells that would knock a player whose being, green shells that would keep going till it passed other players, the star power-up that would make you invincible and faster for a short period of time. This game was such a powerhouse for it’s time that it went on to become the second highest-selling game of the console.

Rayman 2 The Great Escape

Rayman 2 The Great Escape - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

This game has been ported to many other platforms and rightfully so. Rayman and his friends are captured by Captain Razor beard who’s planning to take over the world. Rayman escapes and it’s his job to save the day. Rayman 2 is a 3-D platformer that plays out smoothly for its time and instead of punching enemies, you’re throwing lights. You can traverse the levels by swinging through hoops, using different items like plumps and barrels, using your slick hair as a propeller to elegantly glide to platforms and much more. You’ll backtrack through the game a handful of time but it doesn’t feel like a chore cause there are different, accessible areas that time around. Although it’s not any Mario 64, it still has it’s spot as one of the best 3-D platformers of all time.

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Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

It’s been 3 decades since Link started his adventure in gaming, multiple titles have been released and all of them to great success but it’s safe to say that this game is one of the best-released titles, ever, for a reason. Taking up your sword again in the land of Hyrule, you have to rescue Princess Zelda from the clutches of Ganondorf. Although the story is the same it’s the gameplay where this game dominates. With a variety of tools to help you along the way, the Z targeting system and context button configuration, the title gave you a platter full of innovations. With great dungeon design, gameplay, characters, and music, this game is still a must-play for all gamers around.

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium - Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Game You Should Play in 2020

With the continuing trend of importing 2-D titles to 3-D, Pokemon Stadium brings your favorite Pokemon into living 3-D sprites. There really isn’t a story to this game, mostly just battling. You can transfer your pokemon with the help of a transfer park (which in the future would become poke park) from your games of Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue. You have to battle in the Gym Leader Castle in different cups. Each cup has it’s own difficulty and these cups play out like tournaments. More of a technical glow up, it still held it’s own in sales, and future pokemon stadium games did feature their own stories, but it’s this game that laid out the 3-D battle formula.

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