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Best Minecraft Resource Packs List for 2020

Minecraft is another name of using imagination to create and build new things with the help of 3D objects. It is a 3D sandbox video game full of excitement, thrill, and adventure.

Best Minecraft Resource Packs - Best Minecraft Resource Packs List for 2020

Minecraft provides its users with several activities, mods, and resource packs. Specifically, we will discuss resource packs in detail and help you find the best resource packs.

Minecraft is available in different modes, which include Creative mode, Adventure mode, Survival mode, Hardcore mode, and Spectator mode.

Minecraft provides the freedom to its players to play without restricting them to complete particular objectives to move forward in the game.

Another fantastic thing about Minecraft is that it is available on almost all platforms, which include iOS, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

What are Resource Packs?

Resource packs in Minecraft are one of the best features of Minecraft. It does change the actual gameplay, but it allows players to customize several things in Minecraft.

Resource packs offer the following features, which include customizing the sounds, textures, music, end credits, fonts, themes, splashes, and language files. These resource packs are easily downloadable.

List of Best Minecraft Resource Packs 

Now, we will be sharing a list of best Minecraft resource packs and will discuss each one in detail as well.

Here is the list of best Minecraft resource packs.

  1. Conquest 32×32 Resource Pack
  2. Modern HD Pack 64×64
  3. Sphax PureBDCraft x128
  4. OCD Texture Pack
  5. Default 3D
  6. Ovo’s Rustic
  7. LIIE’s Resource Pack
  8. Jolicraft
  9. SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack
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Let’s discuss this in detail.

Conquest 32×32 Resource Pack (Medieval Pack)

Conquest 32×32 is a medieval-themed resource pack of Minecraft. It is a high-resolution texture resource pack and has better graphics than the Vanilla. High-resolution textures do not have much effect on the performance.

Medieval themed resource packs provide a realistic effect on building materials in Minecraft. By installing this resource pack, you can experience a more realistic look of wood, metal, and stone. This Minecraft resource pack will be perfect for constructing a Medieval Castle.

Medieval themed asset packs fit in well with Minecraft because the things and components in Vanilla Minecraft would fit excellently into a medieval world.

Modern HD Pack 64×64

Modern HD resource pack in Minecraft game offers players to architect modern buildings.

Not exclusively does this resource pack have a determination of new moderate textures for the structural materials in Minecraft. However, the entirety of the textures right now is far higher caliber than the vanilla textures.

You can mainly utilize any woodblock or cube in Minecraft to make a delightful contemporary home when using this resource pack. The entirety of the in-game canvases has additionally been modified to grandstand modern pieces of craft.

Sphax PureBDCraft x128 (Cartoon Style Pack)

This high-goals Minecraft asset pack adopts an alternate strategy via cartooning the entirety of the textures in the game. The final product is fantastic. The game world is undeniably increasingly beautiful, and the ridiculous craft configuration never gets exhausting.

A ton of consideration and care has gone into every texture, from building cubes or blocks to crowds. The Sphax PureBDCraft resource pack consistently gets refreshes routinely, so in case you’re searching for an asset pack you can stay with everlastingly, this is a decent one to pick.

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OCD Texture Pack (Pixel Style Textures)

OCD Texture Pack is a Minecraft asset pack that has been roused by the pixel craftsmanship seen in numerous cutting edge 2D games. The illustrations are still pixelated, yet each square is unmistakably characterized, and the textures don’t have any brutal spiked edges like the vanilla surfaces do.

Default 3D Resource Pack (Vanilla Minecraft but 3D)

The Default 3D resource pack in Minecraft adds a 3D genre to all the underlying textures in the game.

By using Default 3D, the entire world is loaded up with more character. The means of stepping stools stick out from the surface they are put on. Block dividers have characterized blocks, and cobblestone squares look as harsh and rough as you’d anticipate that cobblestone should be.

The extraordinary thing about Default 3D is that it, despite everything, utilizes the essential vanilla Minecraft textures as a premise, so this pack can be a decent method to upgrade your visuals without changing excessively.

Ovo’s Rustic (Blend of Fantasy and Vanilla Minecraft)

Ovo’s Rustic resource pack in Minecraft offers rustic fantasy-style textures features.

This resource pack enhances the existing graphics without changing everything from scratch. The resolution of Ovo’s Rustic textures is better and valuable than basic Minecraft vanilla textures.

After installing this resource pack, you will surely notice the difference between the primary material and Ovo’s Rustic version. It has refined textures as compared to Minecraft vanilla textures. Ovo’s Rustic is the best resource pack for experiencing the fantasy.

LIIE’s Resource Pack (Unique Art Style and Lots of Colors)

LIIE’s resource pack carries the absolute most significant changes to Minecraft. Out of the entirety of the resource packs accessible, it’s sheltered to state that LIIE is the most one of a kind.

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LIIE’s resource pack utilizes hues and a craftsmanship style that may help you marginally to remember creature crossing. The hordes and creatures have exaggerated appearances.

All items are thrown with delicate, cartoony shadows, and the general shading palette is far more splendid than the standard Minecraft illustrations. If you need a resource pack that makes Minecraft look fun and cordial, LIIE’s resource pack is for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this fantastic resource pack.

Jolicraft (Full Details Crammed into Minecraft)

Jolicraft transforms Minecraft into an endurance game loaded up with riddle and new life. Jolicraft discards the Vanilla Minecraft surfaces and replaces them with surfaces jam pressed with detail.

Jolicraft draws motivation from dream games and other medieval-themed asset packs. On the off chance that you enjoyed Ovo’s Rustic, however, need something with significantly more detail, use this one.

SCC Photo Realistic Universe (1024×1024 Modern Style Pack)

SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack provides high-resolution textures. It offers a high resolution of 1024×1024. This resource pack is best for those having decent gaming laptops.

This resource pack provides higher quality textures, and the game looks impressive. Minecraft game looks brighter and colorful with the SCC Photo Realistic Universe resource pack. It also makes the sky and water more realistic. You can use this resource pack if you have a good gaming laptop. Get more gaming tips and resources at 10GamesLike.

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