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Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Idle Games

Just click and claim your reward, that’s what idle games are in general. Due to its mere existence and success, it’s redefined what a game is. Where many companies are looking for the next big break or innovation that’ll put their heavily invested game on the market, in the case of idle games, just fun gameplay, and a little fancy artwork will be enough for its launch. There’s a snowball effect in these games, click, claim reward and repeat. All high complex controls all wrapped up in a single click and it doesn’t get boring. During their initial days, they were the point of backlash for their lack of game-changing mechanics but now major companies like Steam are making big profits on these click-based games.

Top 10 Best Idle Games List

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Have you ever wanted to be an aspiring entrepreneur? Well now’s your chance with Adventure capitalist! You start off with a lemonade stand and steadily but surely stack up money to get into different business ventures and then it’s all smooth sailing from their or so it seems. You’ll have to manage your attention towards the multiple businesses you’ve opened up. Keeping the cash flowing is as hard especially when you have to look after your growing empire but with Adventure Capitalist’s ease of control and engagement, it’s surely a treat. No wonder It’s one of mobile gaming’s biggest apps.

Crusaders of the lost idol

Crusaders of the lost idol - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

I’m sure you’ve played classic RPG’s like Final Fantasy and if you haven’t then do not fret for Crusaders of the lost idol will provide you with the chance to fulfill your RPG desires. Battle through monsters and side scroll to your destination and most importantly, keep clicking to battle the demons that you’ll be challenging. Defeating these monsters will net you some gold which you can use to level up your gear for your characters. With progress, your party will grow and get stronger and will face stronger adversaries. Placement is key in this game for some classes deal more damage when placed adjacent to specific classes, so keep your eyes and wits about to get the most out of this game.

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Realm grinder

Realm grinder - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Does the realm grinder provide you with the choice of making the classic old question: Good or evil? In this game, you are the ruler of a small fantasy kingdom. You acquire coins by clicking on your realm that’ll further help you in building different structures and for generating more income. You can buy buildings like Inn and Blacksmiths to help you stack up the coins when you’re offline.
Back to the question of good and evil, you have a choice to direct your kingdom in whichever moral route your compass points too. Once you’ve locked in your decision, you can’t go back on it, which is a big drawback but even with this con, this game gives variation in its craft.

Cookie clicker

Cookie clicker 1 - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for cookies and addictive gameplay then cookie clicker is your go-to game. It’s as simple and fun as it gets, you collect cookies and bake more cookies. You start off with a Giant cookie and with each cookie click you get a cookie which you can consider as the game’s currency. Get enough cookies then you can hire clickers that’ll do all that hard clicking for you. Granny’s are always up for cookies and you can hire them to bake you a fresh batch, you can plant cookie fields and upgrade the rate at which you farm cookies with your clicking. There’s a type of a new game plus, once you get enough cookies you can restart the game and transfer your progress to get a chance to get more exclusive prizes, instead of spoiling everything, it’s better to play the game and find out for yourself.

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Forager - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Grind, grind and grind, that’s what forager is all about. Collect resources and build up your base and combat enemies trying to halt your progress. Explore the adjoining areas to get even more stuff to build up your base. There is a high rate of spawning of resources so you’ll be able to build up automated systems that’ll help you lay back and relax and let the systems do their work for you. Everything the player does from gathering resources, making tools and equipment and defeating foes will help you get Experience points that’ll unlock the perks of your character which in turn will help you unlock new tools and weapons.

A Dark Room

A Dark Room - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Mystery and progressive story are Dark Room’s strongest suits. You start out as a character that can just light a candle until eventually, you start collecting resources and then find a village where you help the village thrive and strive. The player essentially has a list of a to-do list that he must complete furthering the game. You can go out exploring the wasteland to find clues and items that’ll help you along your journey. This text-based adventure game slowly reveals it’s secret with its mysterious vibe that is ever-present. Considering its limited presentation, a Darkroom does well with what it’s given.

Egg Inc

Egg Inc - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Forget whether the chicken or the egg came first, in this game, it’s all about the eggs. Apparently, eggs are the keys to unlocking the secrets of the Universe and it’s the player’s job to make the most profitable egg farm. It’s a simple idea but very nicely executed. You have a horde of chickens on your farm and making them pump out eggs is the goal. You’ll have multiple attributes to upgrade on how to increase the production of the eggs. You’ll have to do lab research to increase the value of the egg, how fast they’ll be produced and the quantity on which the player can distribute. With enough grinding the player will get a futuristic view to his chicken farm and honestly, isn’t that cool enough to say?

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Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

Another RPG game on the list and this time it’s Almost a Hero. You have 15 heroes that you can level up and spend money on which you’ll earn by completing missions. You have a gang of wannabe heroes and your job is to help them defeat waves upon waves of enemies. The mechanics of the game depends on how you click on the baddies while battling them. There are various quests, side quests and secret areas that you can explore, safe to say there is a lot of content that will get you used to these wannabe heroes.

Idle Mine tycoon

Idle Mine tycoon - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

As simple as it gets, you’re literally mining for resources. This game has the highest Google play reviews in the idle game category. You have nothing at the start, you start mining and then you get minerals that you can sell. You start upgrading your stuff and earn exponentially when it’s idle. You start hiring managers that’ll help you sort through your mines, speaking of mines, you’ll eventually own up to 20 mines and you’ll be able to mine 15 different minerals. It has decent graphics and it’s as basic as it gets, the only downside is that it’s freemium otherwise it’s highly popular.

OM NOM: Merge

OM NOM Merge - Top 10 Best Idle Games You Should Play in 2020

If you’ve loved OM NOM from the cut the rope series, you’ll be sure to love him in this new installment from Zepto Labs. Your goal is to eat as many fruits as you can to acquire as many coins as you can. Then you can use these coins to buy a multitude of creatures. Then you do a Dragon Ball fusion of these monsters and they’ll help you devour even more fruit (guess OM NOM’s a vegetarian now). The merged creatures help you increase the profits you’re turning in and profits per minute increase with better the creature. The game is simple and is as cute as it gets.

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