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10 Best Games Like IMVU You Should Play in 2020

Best Games Like IMVU - 10 Best Games Like IMVU You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of IMVU

The site is quite popular among online users. It is visited by more than 6 million online users who keep surfing for almost an hour.

You can use it for online buying and selling, make new friends, converse with your friends, tell you’re funny stories to others, and make your own avatars.

You can also make some actual money by using this site. You can design your customized avatar according to your preferences. You can also take trips to new places.

Design your avatar based on your personal physical features like height, face shape, the shape of your eyes, eye color, hair color, and length.

Dress your avatar according to your style. It is a platform that lets you make new friends, hang out with them and much more.

You feel like being a default part of the 3d digital world. It can be accessed on any device you find comfortable including mobile phones, tablets, PC IOS and android devices, etc.

You can also have access to some amazing items but you will need real money for that. You can buy digital items designed by other online users.

The designed items include hair, dresses, skin types, colors, pets, houses, landscape areas in different styles and types of plants and much more.

Top 10 Best Games Like IMVU List

Lady Popular

This game is so similar to imvu. This is a place where you get the opportunity to live a life of your dreams the difference is it is inside the digital world.

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You can freely choose your fashion style without being judged by society. You can find a dream life partner and design your favorite living space and much more.

It can be used on several types of devices but it requires an internet connection. You can design your personal avatar based on your physical features.


This game is so popular among the online players all around the world especially by those who love dancing.

You have the liberty to come up with your own dance style, dance steps and even music of your taste. The graphics future excites your interest. You are supposed to press the right key that is displayed on the screen and that’s how your dance moves begin. It can teach you so much more about dance styles and their suitable music.

Club Cooee

This game provides you a platform to engage in a conversation with strangers while being in a chat room.

It can be a good source of practice for those who are shy around new people or struggle with social gatherings.

Sitting behind a screen when talking to a stranger can make you feel less nervous. You will always find hundreds of other users online to share your stories with and make new friendships.

You can come up with your personal chat rooms controlling who can enter.


This platform provides you entry to a 3d virtual environment. There is so much for you to discover including a wide variety of customizing options.

It keeps you interested and ends up consuming your time but the experience is worth it. You have a wide range of features to personalize your 3d world.

It is easily operatable on all kinds of devices including Mac and Microsoft windows. You can roam around in a virtual world, engage in fun activities and discover new locations.

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It is a platform that provides you with the opportunity to make new friends belonging to different locations on the globe. It is a kind of online social network site that is incredibly easy to use.

There are thousands of users who have registered here enjoying the experience. You can create your personal avatar based on your physical features like your height, skin color, the shape of face and eyes, hair color and much more.

You can dress your avatar according to your taste. You can play several games online.


This game is extremely interesting, especially for adults. You are taken into a virtual 3d world where you spend your life the way you always dreamed.

You can have exposure to worldwide fashion and dress up style. You can also exhibit your fashion taste to other players. This lets you develop strong friendship bonds with other players.

It is currently available in cities like London, Singapore, Berlin, and many others. The best thing is your avatar is made almost the same as you can upload your picture to help the system design the digital you.

Second Life

The developers of this game are linden lab. The game was released to the public in year 2003.it is operatable on both windows and Mac. It is the best option if you want to play something similar to imvu.

It is definite that you will not regret playing it. You can enjoy fun activities as well as make some real money online. You can sell the game’s digital money and make real money in return.

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You can make new friends and discover so many interesting features while playing different games.

Our World

This game mostly targets teenage kids. It is a digital environment that is loaded with a variety of interesting and explorative games.

The best thing about it is you are not supposed to have it downloaded on your computer. You can directly start playing in your web browser so that you don’t get bothered by long downloading and installing procedures.

You have to make your game character then play a number of games provided on the list. By this, you can make some money and unlock more features and objects.


The game was released to the public in the year 2009. It is a blend of the gaming world and a platform for social connection with other online players from all around the globe.

The game is quite popular among teenage kids. You will have access to so many amazing digital features. You have to design the game character that looks somewhat like you.

You can interact with other players developing new friendship bonds while discovering new games and setting on a virtual journey with friends.

Gaia Online Review

This is a platform that provides you all kinds of experiences in the digital world. You can play games, interact with other online players, make new friends and include them in your games.

At first, it was designed as an online community. But after receiving a good response it was converted into a forum based online site providing you with several kinds of games.

You can have fun in games and enjoy your friend’s online company as well. You have to design your game character similar to you.

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