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Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Gameboy Color Games

Nintendo, the multi-billion dollar company released the successor of the Gameboy, the Game Boy Color. This GBC was phenomenal in its time because it was one of the first handheld consoles that introduced color to its games. The downside to this was that it wasn’t backlit so meaning you couldn’t play it in the dark or you’ll strain your eyes, better to play with an additional light source, that too, Nintendo provided as an accessory in the form of a little flexible light. With its 8-bit processor, it wowed the whole world or rather improved on the original success of the Gameboy and attracted sales to accumulate a total of 118.9 million dollars, making it the third best selling system of all time, which in itself is not a small task.
What’s even better was that the Gameboy Color was backward compatible to the original system, a term not commonly used in the early days of commercial gaming, which meant that the Gameboy Color had a whooping 576 games to choose from its library, not bad for a system in the late 1990s. Overall, this system was the defining console for many gamers in this day and age and any person that has had fond memories of their early childhood gaming will be sure to point and thank this console for all the memories and nostalgia this handheld console provides.

Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games List

Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening DX

Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening DX - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

The 4th installment in the Legend of Zelda series, this particular game was remade for the Gameboy color. It had disappointed many gamers because it didn’t provide anything new that it would count as a new release. Sure, it had full color, a brand new dungeon, and Gameboy printer support but it still pleases the long-time fans of the series. Even with all this, this game is as captivating as ever, as it improves on the original, not only graphics wise but performance-wise as it gives a smoother style of play than the original. Link is trapped on a magical shaped island diety called the “Wind Fish” and he must collect 8 musical instruments to wake the diety up and escape the island.

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Super Mario Bro’s DeluxeSuper Mario Bro’s Deluxe - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

The original Mario Bros the benchmark of gaming and Mario is the biggest mascot on the face of the Earth so of course, Nintendo is going to port over the Original Mario bros to the Gameboy Colour. The thing is that the developers actually added enough content into the game that it’s almost heartwarming and shows that the developers do care about their fans. The main con to this game is the limited screen space the console provides and it’s unavoidable due to the resolution difference of the NES and GBC. So get ready to climb down those pipes and again and take Mario for another adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom as you try to rescue Princess Peach from the castle in Mario’s first adventure yet again!

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

Snake is called out of retirement to stop a separatist group that has snatched the latest Metal Gear secretly named GANDER. You fight assassins and well-stacked booses with a myriad of gadgets and weapons at your disposal. As it is a spin-off of the original Metal Gear (it’s named Ghost babel) it really does offer immense bonus content after you’ve completed the engrossing tale of the main story. It has connected stages that remove the paying of backtracking and offers quicker gameplay than the original version. There are plentiful stealth sections in this game that really does bring the magic of Snake sneaking around and assassinating his foes.

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

Pinball is played at every Diner or arcade on the face of the planet and every one of those pinball machines has it’s own themes but the catch here is that even though the idea doesn’t seem so special about a pinball with a pokemon paint on it, it’s one of the most engaging and addictive pinball games out there. The game plays as any normal pinball game would, the goal is to get as many points as you can, but as Pokemon’s main slogan says “Gotta Catch Em All”, you can actually catch 151 pokemon in this game too. There are two tables in this game named Red And Blue and both offer their variety of pokemon that you can catch. If you activate catch mode, you’ll be greeted with randomly generated pokemon that you’ll have to catch by completing a set number of task, same is the case for evolution mode, as you’ll do a different set of tasks in a limited time, of course, to evolve your pokemon and fill out your Pokedex.

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Pokemon Gold/ Silver/ Crystal

Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

The sequels to the hit pokemon games of red, blue, green and yellow and a favorite for the older fans of the series, these games introduced many features that it made it the critically acclaimed games they are now. Just like it’s predecessor, you start out as a young trainer that catches, trains and battles monsters called Pokemon and ultimately battles stronger trainers to become the champion of his region. These games introduce the day and night system, pokemon breeding and backward compatibility that allows the players to import their pokemon from the previous games. You can call all the multiple trainers you’ve met along the way. With so many features, this is one of those gems that no fan of the series should miss out on.


Shantae - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

A half genies that are on a quest to defeat the evil lady pirate Risky Boots who plans on a prototype steam engine to make a weapon out of it and use it to her whims. Shantae plays like your usual 2-D scroller but focuses on its gameplay elements. Your default weapon is your own hair, which you can use as a whip. There are 5 main towns in the game and you’ll need the help of supporting characters that’ll open up dungeons for our protagonist. At the end of each dungeon, you’ll find a guardian genie that’ll teach our heroin a new dance. With each new dance, she can transform into animals like an elephant, a monkey and so on, which will help her find secret areas and hidden items. There are a day and night cycle in this game and at night the baddies become stronger which will surely give you a challenge. There are many collectibles in this game that’ll only be given to the players risking their necks for it.

Tetris DX

Tetris DX - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

One of the staple games that every child has been blessed with was one of the rages as it is still now. Nintendo introduced this classic with enhanced graphics with 3 new modes.

  • Ultra Mode: You need to get as many points as you can in a 3 minute time period
  • 40 Lines: You need to clear 40 lines of blocks as quickly as possible. Think of this as a time attack.
  • Vs. CPU: You can face off the system you’re playing on

Marathon mode is still there where you just endlessly try to get points, the cap is 9,999,999 score though. You can even play this game on the original Gameboy but it didn’t have the graphics. All in all, with the inclusion of new game modes, you would be doing injustice to pass this one.

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Wario Land 3

Wario Land 3 - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

Out of all of his Gameboy appearances, this game defines and is most popular for the anti-hero of the Mario series. You start off with limited skills and transformations but as you steadily progress through the game, Wario gets them making you feel like you’re really doing some work for it. Small features like replaying levels with the day and night cycle are a nice touch too. There’s fantastic music and a good amount of animations in it, combine not a so subtle story (like one of our plumbers usually has) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an enjoyable game.

Resident Evil Gaiden

Resident Evil Gaiden - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

Resident Evil Gaiden hasn’t really garnered favored criticism cause it’s missing a lot of things from its predecessors. It’s missing the spooky feel of the previous games, with creepy angles, jump scares and takes away the survival element with no more limited ammo and items but it does give you a new way of blasting your zombie foes. When said zombies approach you, you’re taken to the first person with creeping zombies, there’s a reticle that’s going back and forth and you have to press the action button when the undead are near enough to actually attack them. Even though it turns away from its originals, it’s still a game worth playing and worth investing time into.

Stranded Kids

Stranded Kids - Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games You Must Play in 2020

It’s a survival game where you play as Ken or Mery, who’s been cast out to an island after a storm drowns the ship in itself. The player needs to check his vitals such as starvation, dehydration, and fatigue. You need to collect items and resources to craft various tools that’ll help you get off the island. The need to craft multiple tools will be essential because over time the tools will degrade and break. Even the food that you collect will go rotten so you have to make the most of everything you collect. The player can progress the game through their own pace which gives a sense of control and adventure for the player. One of the most out of the box games for its era and it’s surely a gem you will replay over and over again.

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