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10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

Best City Building Games - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

An Overview of Best City Building Games

Human civilization has come a long way and it’s taken us millions of years to build the cities we have today. Well, fortunately for us now we have games and they help us make grandiose cities in just a matter of hours, impressive isn’t it? Ever wanted to make a city without an architect’s degree? Well now you can because the city building games on this list will give you the chance to be the city planner you’ve always dreamed to be!

Start out with the basics, make your small settlement into a bustling metropolis or maybe even something even bigger than that! Want to play the big shot mayor or may I even say play God with your simulated slice of the world, where you’ll plan and construct the different buildings and facilities that govern your population which will further boost up your gameplay. With extremely addicting gameplay and juicy rewards at the end of your endeavors to make the greatest city your simulated population can ever hope to marvel, the hours playing these games will whizz by in a flash. It’s to be expected, Rome wasn’t built in a day or maybe, through your cunning strategies, you actually might prove them wrong.

Whether it’s a city in the modern times, in the 1800s, during Caesar’s time, maybe a futuristic city that you see in the movies or even on mars, game developers have given us every opportunity to live out our wildest fantasies and city building games aren’t behind on that rollercoaster.

Top 10 Best City Building Games List

Cities Skylines 

Cities Skylines  - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

The reason this game is top on our list because it is one of the most detailed and in-depth game that the city building genre has to offer. Micromanaging is the name of the game, you’ll manage your taxes, set up businesses, use resources and use them to the best of your ability.

Transform lush green lands into sprawling metropolitan areas where the people will flock automatically. This game is no walk in the park while micromanaging everything, natural disasters, accidents, and pollution will always be waiting for you pounce and halt your progression. In short, if you want to get as close as it gets to city building, you know which game to pick up.

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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

Anno 1800 is a city-building sim that is set in the 19th century, the Victorian Era putting you dead center in the midst of the industrial revolution. One of the main points of this version of Anno is the factory labor you employ. The more citizens you have, the more labors you can recruit, improving the artisans to help productions and supply chains.

The new world is out there and exploring it will give your city massive boosts. Industrialization and the population play a major role in the development of the city. Building factories will give your city a boost but will decrease the attractiveness of the city while decorating and improving the rural side of the land will bring in tourists which will contribute to the city’s income. You’ll have to deal with competing rulers, civil conflicts and many more. You can rule like a dictator or a diplomat, that’s your choice.

Frost Punk

Frost Punk - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

This a post-apocalyptic game where climate change has taken a turn for the worst and your left in the boots of the leader of the last surviving settlement on Earth. The survival aspect of the game is critical to its popularity, heat is the name of the game, as you start from humble beginnings, you slowly make steam-powered machines to help you stay warm through the everlasting winter. Every decision you make in this game will result in the survival or death of your city.

It’ll test your management and your moral decisions to the limit, as you make decisions that will change the world around you.  The story of this game will make you question which choice is really the right one but ultimately you’ll have to make it ensure the survival of your homestead.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

Ever wanted to be the greatest dictator just like General Admiral Aladeen? Well now’s your chance! Taking control of the Caribbean island nation of Tropico. You now have multiple islands at your disposal unlike previous entries and you make an archipelago of smaller islands and will be connected through bridges.

The skill tree consists of political strategies that’ll help you become the greatest dictator the islands have ever seen. Customizing your own palace doesn’t fall short as you need to show the world that the dictator of Tropico isn’t living in some hut or mud house, you need to show that this island nation isn’t some nation you can look down on.

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Caesar III

Caesar III - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

One of our older games on the list but it puts even the modern games to shame with its deep mechanics and engaging gameplay. Caesar III puts you in charge of becoming a Roman governor and makes the player feel like he was heading the greatest empire known to man. You can access the “Empire Map” which helps you navigate the trade your making in your major Roman cities and to keep an eye on incoming invasions.

There is a multitude of advisors that help you along the way and they help with the various aspects of Roman city life. Even the music changes depending on the city’s situation and size. The game is outdated graphics wise but due to the crazy learning curve of this game, you’ll most likely spend many hours trying to become the perfect emperor of Rome.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

Elon Musk must’ve played this game to make him inspired to go to mars and make it habitable. Out of the books of science fiction, you have the responsibility to make Mars hospitable as this barren wasteland is unforgiving but you’ll be provided with the tools to conquer this space frontier.

As Earth has met with its untimely demise, it’s up to you to make the Red planet into your new home. You’ll have to micro-manage a lot of stuff, oxygen, cold temperatures, barren wastelands and your population of course. The futuristic vibe of this game is out of this world and let’s face it the domes on this game look really awesome and will add to the pleasure of investing time into this space building city simulator.

Pocket City

Pocket City - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

The title delivers on its name, a big city in your small pocket. Designed for mobile users, you’ll have the delight of making your city with the swipe of your fingers. The art style is superb and building your settlement from a small town into a large booming metropolis is the way to go.

There are two modes:

City builder mode, where it lets you unlock different structures through progression and completing requests and missions to satisfy your dopamine levels and have a satisfying feel of completions of your daily tasks

Sandbox mode, where everything is made readily available to you and you can make your city however you like it and watch it thrive and prosper.

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Urban Empire

urban empire - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

This game lets you in control of a city that can only be improved on the basis of diplomacy. You will guide this city’s growth through 200 years of history and will be tasked to get as many votes from the city as possible. Obviously, you’ll have to scheme your way, while blackmailing, bribing and pawing your way to power. Plan your areas, build their foundations and keep your people happy as is the job of any ruler. You will build diplomacies with different people and will be breaking them as often as well as you’ll need to be as flexible to run your city as best to your ability.


Banished - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

Imagine this, you’re banished in the medieval era and you’re lucky enough to meet other exiled members of your empire and what do you do? Build a settlement of course. This game is heavily dependent on the resources that your exiled brothers in arms bring so you have to be quite mindful of how to spend those resources.

Your greatest resource is the people you’ll be leading for they can grow old, get sick and die but they can leave their heirs too so you can grow them up to become helping members of your settlement. Construction and trading are your key point and the more people you’ll have, the more you’ll prosper and you’ll become the greatest settlement in no time.

Cities XL

Cities XL - 10 Best City Building Games You Must Play in 2020

For its time, Cities Skylines’ idea to introduce MMO attributes was zealous, to say the least. It ran on a monthly subscription fee. Each player had his own city and they could trade, visit other cities and host events there. The MMO idea was scrapped and later bus system was introduced due to low subscriber count and instead, it became a single-player game.

The game has three zoning designations: Residential, Commercial, Industrial. All of them have different purposes and density. For residential lots, four social classes may be added in them: unskilled workers, skilled workers, executives, and elite workers. The social classes determine the quality of the residential zone, just like in real life. The population decides how posh their environment is and it’s no different here. You can add different types of transport systems within your cities such as bridges, tunnels, airports, buses, trains, ferries, and subways.


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