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Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Card Games - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Card Games

Card Games have always been a fun past time since the old days but every now and then there come some card games that really do twist your expectations that result in a great time. Every party has it’s share of entertainment but the card games on this list are suited to most, if not all parties. These games will make your stomach hurt with the laughter you’ll receive, Boggle your mind, with all the tactics you can apply or just straight out make each other doubt on the basis of deception that will go on about. No matter what game you’ll choose, there’s a 100 % that you’ll be entertained with whatever your preference will be.

Top 10 Best Card Games List

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

From an online comic maker, the ever famous OatMeal comes a rendition of Uno in the form of exploding kittens. Fairly simple, each player needs to keep drawing card and if you get an exploding kitten, you’re out. You have multiple cards that’ll skip your turn, help you know if any exploding kitten is coming your way or even defuse them, honestly if minesweeper were to be made into a multiplayer card game, then this is what it would be. It’s fairly easy to understand and easy to set up and with the artist’s over the top images, it certainly has the aesthetic feel of trying to dodge exploding felines.

Boss Monster

Boss Monster - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

As the name suggests, you’re the boss of all the monsters, which automatically makes you the villain (well by movie standards anyways). If you’re a fan of fantasy-based card games, it gets better because your goal is to lure in adventurers and kill them for points. Play with your friends and keep killing their heroes to make yourself feel like a true villain. The art is astounding like the designs were taken straight from a classic RPG game. The main downside to this game is its math-based calculations with boosters and multipliers. This game is most enjoyed with 2-4 players.

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Gloom - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

They made misery into a card game, guess anything can be made into profit. The game’s objective is to make a Victorian family as depressed as possible before ultimately finishing them off, the more depressed they are before they’re killed means the more points you’ve amassed. The other players will use cards that are specifically made to cheer up the family, hence stopping you from your sadistic mission. The game is good for a big amount of laughs as you shape the unfortunate fate of the family you’re trying to doom. It’s not every day where you can laugh off of some people’s misery and it’s acceptable.

Marrying Mr Darcy

Marrying Mr Darcy - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

One of the more out of there games on our list, you’re a young debutante who’s searching herself for a suitor to marry. A bit niche when you look at it first glance but once you really understand how this game works, it’s quite enjoyable. There a few stages to this game, the first one being the courtship stage, as you build up your standard or make it harder for your opponents. After that, the proposal stage is upon you which gets you fighting for the suitor you want to tie the knot with. This game makes the whole ordeal of marrying fun and ruining someone else’s chance of marriage even more fun.

What Do you Meme? The Card Game

What Do you Meme The Card Game - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

Memes are the biggest internet sensation and nobody can deny their importance on the Web. It’s the main entertainment of the whole world and frankly, nobody can imagine a world without them. So why not make a card game where we can test how big of a meme lord you really are. To get started you’ll have to pick a Judge and he chooses one of the 75 images that are given to you. The other players need to get the caption card and combine them, relevant to the meme of course, and the player with the best meme humor will be the winner. This game can be played by 20 players and can turn a boring time into a real gag session.

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Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

With another card game coming from a very famous PG comic artists from cyanide and happiness comes one of the most NSFW game you could play on this list. Instead of responding with cards with text, you’ll respond with another image. Two cards are selected, one of the random and the other one is chosen by any player, which begins the story. Every one has to add to the story with a card that they possess and the funniest reply gets a point and if you think you won’t get any funny cards, that’s not true at all because all the images are dead funny, all the time you’ll be making the story, time will pass as quickly as it gets.

Obama Llama

Obama Llama - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

The game is all about rhyming charades and acting them out. Don’t go towards the peculiar name of the game, it’s even weirder playing it out. You’ll need to make some teams, one of your teammates picks a card with a rhyming sentence and they’ve got to act out the sentence without speaking about it. If your team gets three strikes, meaning three right guesses, you’ll get face down cards and you’ll have to match them with the rhyming words and get as many matching pairs to win this silly game of charades. With the combination of miming and play on words, this game is fun for the whole family.

Fk. The Game

Fk. The Game - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

Swearing is bad as it is but where the name of the game is that you can’t swear is where you know that the designer of this game was unto something. Your goal is to remove as many cards as you can from hand until you have none left. This game comes with mind racking rules that’ll are deliberately created to make you scream profanities. While your playing your cards, you’re forced to recall the rules as fast as you can but if you’re slow the other player will slap the deck and transfer those cards into your hands. If you say the F word, you’ve lost but trying to keep it in is all this game about.

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The Resistance

The Resistance - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

This is where you’ll practice becoming a lie detector or see if you really know your friends because which friends can’t tell when his peer is lying? This game puts you as the rebels, a band of freedom fighters who are planning and plotting to take down the government but there are backstabbers in your little crew of liberators. The resistance members must win 3 out of 5 missions to topple the government but that’s where the traitors come in, they’re spies that are trying to stop you from accomplishing your missions. You can’t trust anyone as you have to examine everyone and tell from a friend from foe.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity - Top 10 Best Card Games You Should Play in 2020

You can’t finish the list without having this gem of a game. The way it’s played is extremely easy, one player draws a card that has a sentence with blanks in them, now the other players must fill in the blanks with their hand of cards and the cards with the funniest reply will get the point. This game is extremely crude, lewd, inappropriate and overall NSFW in nature but that’s what makes it fun, the amount of combinations of the answers and unbelievable dark humor it picks up is all that it’s about. With multiple expansion packs, this game never gets old and that is why it’s one of the most popular games out there.

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