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Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

Top 10 Best Arcade Games - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

An Overview of Best Arcade Games

The cradle in which the video gaming industry was born as a whole, the dark hallways only lit up by the ecstatic lights of the big arcade units was heaven for young gamers. Before the internet, before LAN parties, the arcades were the place to go and meet up and have a great time playing your favorite games. There were large arcade units, that would require tokens given by the kind token giver and you’d be in for a blast, as these tokens costed real money, the stakes were high and the idea of limited retries really mattered. That time is long gone due to the introduction of gaming home consoles that have dominated today’s gaming era but that doesn’t mean old is outdated, far from it, if you’ve got the change in your pocket and are willing to tackle on the classics then get ready for this list that’s jam-packing with explosive retro greatness.

Top 10 Best Arcade Games List

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

This is the game where your favorite jumping ape, Donkey Kong, and your favorite jumping plumber both made their first appearance. Donkey Kong had kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend (this is where bowser kidnapping princess peach was inspired from) and he has to get her back. Mario has to jump over barrels thrown by the great ape, by jumping level upon the level to rescue his love. If you die then you’ll have to start over again. You can also grab mallets that’ll destroy a barrel if you’re done with jumping. Rescuing the damsel in distress is easy, it’s the high score that most gamers coveted. This is the starting of the golden age for both of them and also the start of many rivalries.

Metal Slug

Metal Slug - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

Neo-Geo games were the best of the best-concerning 2-D scrolling games in the ’90s. Not just this game but the franchise as a whole is one of the most enjoyable 2-D shooter games you could play. You are a band of elite commandos that face a variety of enemies including a General and his army, zombies, Sea creatures and for some reason in the end, always aliens. The game literally throws different types of guns at you to experiment and try which one you’ll prefer. You get into tanks, submarines, and airplanes and even in spaceships to combat the different foes you’ll meet on the way. At the end of each level there always a kick-ass boss that challenges your platforming skills to the max. Overall, this franchise is one of the celebrated games in the gaming community and once you’ll play, you’ll know why.

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Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

This game’s soundtrack is the first thing that catches your attention and everything comes after. If you wanted to go crazy in Grand theft auto with your ride then this is the game for you. You’re a taxi driver (not the Robert De Niro One) and you’ve got to drop your passengers off in time before the time expires. The faster you’ll do it the more you’ll get paid but having fun on the way is what it’s all about. The crazier you’ll drive, the more fun it gets to see your passenger scurry off when you drop them off. You also have the main timer, that when finishes, scores on how much you’ve earned. Making crazy stunts, long drifts and generally anything that would be illegal on the road is allowed and you’re the taxi driver to do it!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

The four pizza-eating mutated ninja turtles from the sewers come out to the surface to battle Shredder and the foot clan and many mini-bosses, firstly to save their reporter friend, April, to get the Life transformer gun to transform their Master, Splinter, back into human form. One of the best beat-em-up games, it let 4 players join in on the fun picking from any of your favorite four turtle brothers. It had a variety of combos that you could unleash on your foes and if you multiply that by four, you’re going to have an enjoyable mess on your screen. One of the best co-op games you could find during that era!

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The Simpsons 

The Simpsons - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

Just like the TMNT, Konami took a popular brand and made it into another 4 person beat-em-up. Maggie is captured when Mr.Smithers was robbing a bank for some reason? And during that robbery, a diamond gets lodged into Maggie’s mouth instead of her pacifier and Mr.Smithers wastes no time and abducts her. You can choose from Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa as you battle your way through Springfield to get toddler back. It has perfect cartoon visuals and animations for the attacks are just hilarious but don’t let the humorous vibe get your guard cause this game is as tough as nails.


X Men - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

Releasing at the same time as the X-Men: The Animated Series, Koonami took it out of the park with this one by letting you choose between 6 of the Xavier team’s roster. You had to stop Magneto and his evil scheme of the genocide of the human race, same old same old. Letting you choose Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Night Crawler and Dazzler. It came with two screens which meant you can pick all six players at the same time. With each character having their flurry of attacks, this game was a sight to behold and with a risk/reward power-up system, it was one of the well-acclaimed beat-em-up games of its time.

Golden Axe

Golden Axe - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

One of the most memorable fantasy Hack and slash during Sega’s golden age, comes Golden Axe. It had 2 more sequels but the original is what set the stage for future titles to beat. You have 3 memorable characters to choose from with their own unique powers and slightly different gameplay. You can choose to battle the hordes of monsters as you side-scroll your way to the end game boss to end his tyranny on the fictional world it’s set in. You also have a magic meter that gets filled by collecting magic pots. The more you stack them, the more powerful the attack it’ll be. The story of the game is phenomenal for its time and it’s highly recommended to beat this game blind.

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Virtual Cop 2

Virtual Cop 2 - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

Sega’s Virtual Cop was one of the best light gun game for its time. You can breeze through this game with your skills alone or with a partner, as you save hostages from robbers and terrorists just as any cop would. You’d need fast reflexes to kill every jumping, rolling or pop up robber you’d see on your way this game offers branching paths that you can take. IF you shoot some of the extra stuff on the screen, you might get different weapons than your run of the hand revolver. Killing civilians will also take away your lives so look before you shoot and enjoy Virtual Cop’s three engaging levels that’ll leave you wanting more.

House of the Dead 2

House of the Dead 2 - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

What if you took Virtual Cop 2 and gave it Zombies? Well, you’d end up with House of the Dead 2. You’re faced with a variety of monsters and you’ll have to be quick to kill these crazy undead baddies. With lots of jumpscares, spooky atmosphere and haunting background soundtrack, this certainly scared the lot that was playing this game. It even had voice acting which gave a surreal feel for its time. Its influence can’t be ignored as this game spawned a whole franchise after it and also left its influence on the shooter zombie genre of games to come.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 

Marvel Vs. Capcom  - Top 10 Best Arcade Games You Should Play in 2020

If you love Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and other 2-D fighting games but want superheroes in your roster too? Marvel Vs. Capcom delivers. From Marvel’s line of finest heroes such as the like of Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine and from Capcom’s most celebrated characters like Chun li, Jill Valentine, Ryu, Mega Man, B.B Hood, and many others, you have a big roster of characters to choose from. It’s every nerds and gamers nerdgasm as you match different characters and battle it out in 2 player mode or Vs. CPU. With smooth animations, screen flashing and filling attacks, the cries that go with those attacks and stunning combos, you’ll quickly learn to love this game as many players in their youth had so many years ago.

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