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10 Best Games Like Banished You Should Play in 2020

10 Best Games Like Banished - 10 Best Games Like Banished You Should Play in 2020

Short Overview of Banished

This game was developed by shining rock software and released to the public in the year 204.it requires good management and organizational capabilities.

You have to smartly manage the supply of resources and ensure the inhabitants of the city of their survival and quality of life.

The game has received several kinds of reviews some positive and some negative. The graphics and visual quality are great. You are in charge of a small city and its citizens. You will have to read and understand the instructions before playing the game.

The weather conditions are so severe in your city.ypu can decide if you want to directly jump into the game practice the controls or gameplay in a training mode.

It’s better to try the training mode to obtain a thorough understanding of the game strategy and keys. You also have an option to select a level of difficulty for yourself.

Later when you think you have improved enough you can test your skills future by choosing a more difficult level.

You have to help the poor people who had been brutally banished from their native land among their families. Now they are ready to settle in a new city that they have to develop together. The gameplay is very basic and trouble-free.

Top 10 Best Games Like Banished List


The game is similar to banished. if you enjoy banished you will definitely enjoy this too. You are in charge of the tropical land.

You have complete liberty to roam around exploring the natural land. You can develop your land to improve your trades and improve your economy.

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You can come up with your own rules and regulations to be followed by all. It is not just about constructing new buildings and structures. It’s about enhancing the living conditions of a city.

You can also play with other players and enjoy them.

Anno Online

The developers of this online game are Ubisoft. The game is played on your web browser si it saves you from the pain of downloading and installing.

The plot consists of the player being in charge of the entire city. You have to construct your city smartly to improve its economic status. You have to manage its, traffic, road networks, infrastructure, commercial and residential zones and much more. It also offers other features related to trading, business, diplomacy, etc. it can be a fun time for economics students.

Cities: Skylines

This game is so similar to Sims the only difference is you are now in charge of a bigger picture, the entire city.

You are not restricted to organize just a small house but the whole city can be designed based on the requirements and desires of the citizens.

You will feel like the boss of a virtual world where roads, traffic, infrastructure, landscape, commercial, residential are zones are all decided by you.

You have to make your city thrive. You have to protect it from natural disasters, pollutions, traffic, health hazards.

Planet Base

In this scenario, you are not on earth anymore. You have escaped to other planets and struggling for survival. The conditions, pros, cons, limitations of these planets are different from planet earth.

You have to follow the standards of these planets. Not just build structure and shelter you have to develop it like a real city that can grow further in the economy, trade, social lives, etc.

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make those planets inhabitable by song your smart, efficient organizational skills. You are supposed to manage the resources and take advantage of available material.

Life in Bunker

If you are a fan of games related to construction, management, and building then this one is the best. Now it consists of a specific group of people who live underground and you are there in charge.

You have to design an efficient city or a colony for them according to their specific needs. You have to make sure of the justified management of resources.

You also have to take care of them when they get sick, face a natural disaster or dangerous creatures.

Surviving Mars

So now that humans are done destroying the earth for their personal benefits it no more fit to spend your life.

The planets have become inhabitable for humans and they are in a dire need to escape and find a new planet to destroy in the coming years.

They move to mars and start developing cities and colonies. Your job is to make inhabitable for the human bodies considering Mars’s conflicting geography and climate from the earth.

You need to design a city infrastructure that complies with Mars’s conditions which are going to be so distinct from earth.

Rise of Nations

This game is already popular in the entire gaming world. It can be great fun for those who love exploring history.

But here you will be able to come across historical civilizations and events but with a bit of fantasy and action.

There are 18 ancient civilizations where you will be playing following their values and culture. The main focus of the players is on the ownership of the piece of land.

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The players work hard in order to travel to advanced civilization to get access to better types of equipment and resources.


The game requires some good organizational and management skills from you where you will be supposed to make smart decisions to run your city efficiently.

You are free to construct several types of edifices or structures. You have to grow your city economically, physically and structurally.

You can use trees as a resource for building making fire or any other innovative use. You have improved your industrial growth. You will have to come across your enemies. You have to defend yourself and town.

Stronghold HD

This game requires smart strategy skills and a good level of intelligence. It is a simulation game the same as banished.

If you enjoy banishing then it is sure you are going to have fun playing this game as well. You have to train your army members to defend yourself.

The game is based inside the castle. Train your army some unique and innovative defeating skills. You can also test your fighting skills by playing with other players in online mode.

You have to train them enough to make them the best army.


The needs to be downloaded and installed on the computer to run it. The game is based on survival. Deceit, power dynamics and much more.

You have an army of your own that you lead. But in order to rule people, you also need to keep them happy and meet their basic needs.

If you fail to do so they might go rogue and fight against you. So to meet their demands you steal from your neighbors. You steal food, weapons the latest intelligence and more.

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